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The burglar caught by a skeleton that nibbled his fingers: Not to mention the monkey that stole a baby! Strange but true stories that make today's news look tame

We may think of the Victorians as prudish and prim but, in fact, they enjoyed salacious stories, tittle-tattle and tales of the weird and macabre every bit as much as we do today. Now some of the oddest stories from Victorian newspapers have been collected into a book by author JEREMY CLAY… Monkey business: Primate steals baby SNATCHED BY A MAD MONKEY It was not unusual for wealthy Victorians to […]


Will YOU brave the world's biggest drop ride? New Jersey to get terrifying ride that will plunge thrill-seekers 415ft - higher than the Statue of Liberty

    Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom will be attached to world’s largest roller coaster     Will beat 400ft Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles With a sheer drop of 415ft – higher than the Statue of Liberty – and travelling at speeds of 90mph, a new record-breaking ride will not be for the faint-hearted. A New Jersey company is planning to build the 41-story […]


Jurassic prank: Terrified Japanese office worker chased by 'dinosaur' in bonkers game show stunt

Japanese TV gameshows are notoriously barmy, but this could just be the best prank to date. A hapless office worker gets the shock of his life when he is suddenly confronted by a Jurassic Park-style dinosaur. The man is first seen calmly sauntering down the corridor with a cup of coffee in his hand. He then notices fellow workers running from something and, from the look on his face, begins […]


Humans have been marking their skin permanently for thousands of years. A tattoo can be a remembrance, a constant prayer, a warning, or simply an amazing work of art. The reasons behind them can be intensely personal, decorative, whimsical, or utilitarian. They can signify tribal allegiance, personal history, or nothing at all. Collected below are recent images of skin art and a few glimpses into the owners of these tattoos […]

WoW. In the Surf

We humans are drawn to the shoreline, to live and to play. Some of us have even found a home in the waves, riding on gentle swells or braving roaring mountains of seawater. Surfing has been a part of human lives for centuries and is enjoyed around the world today. The stormy summer we’ve had this year provided some spectacular (if dangerous) conditions for surfers, many of them captured in […]


The truth Johnny Depp wants to hide about the real-life Tontos: How Comanche Indians butchered babies, roasted enemies alive and would ride 1,000 miles to wipe out one family

    Comanche Indians were responsible for one of the most brutal slaughters in the history of the Wild West     However, Johnny Depp wants to play Tonto in a more sympathetic light The 16-year-old girl’s once-beautiful face was grotesque. She had been disfigured beyond all recognition in the 18 months she had been held captive by the Comanche Indians. Now, she was being offered back to the Texan authorities by […]

Going to extremes: Breathtaking images of thrill-seeking action sports enthusiasts by photographers vying to win Red Bull contest

The Red Bull Illume Image Quest is a specialist contest showcasing and celebrating the very best in photography of extreme sports from around the globe At the end of the month the top 50 finalists will be invited to attend a grand ceremony in Hong Kong where the winners will be unveiled The world of action and adventure sports certainly isn’t for the fainthearted but if this stunning collections of […]

Human bloodshed marks festival finale

Five people were treated for injuries at Navarra Hospital on Sunday, after the final ritual running of the bulls at the Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain. The most serious of Sunday’s injuries was sustained by a 23-year-old Australian woman, who was gored in the chest. According to an official report, the woman suffered fractured rubs and damage to her right lung. Her condition was described as “grave” by […]

Elton John cancels European tour with appendicitis

British pop king Elton John has cancelled the rest of his European tour after he was struck down with appendicitis, his spokesman said on Tuesday. The flamboyant 66-year-old was due to headline at the British Summer Time festival on Friday night, but his doctors have advised him to cancel all shows in his current tour, which includes dates in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. “Elton is currently undergoing a course […]

Aboriginal cricket: The first Australian tour of England, 1868

No expense will have been spared preparing Australia’s and England’s cricketers for the first Ashes Test on Wednesday – from training and physiotherapy, to a good dinner and a luxurious bed. It was very different for the first Australian team to visit the UK. As Michael Clarke and his Australian side finalise their preparations for the Ashes, Cricket Australia will leave no stone unturned in its quest to regain the […]