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New year celebrations begin to welcome 2014

Celebrations are beginning to mark the beginning of 2014, with Auckland in New Zealand ringing in the new year at 11:00 GMT on Tuesday. Crowds have gathered in Sydney, Australia, in anticipation of the city’s famous firework display. In Japan, Shinto priests gathered at shrines to prepare to usher in the new year. Other cities globally are also planning big displays, with Dubai attempting a world record for the largest […]

Spain celebrates Els Enfarinats Festival with a battle of flour and eggs

Citizens of Spain’s Ibi annually celebrate the Els Enfarinats Festival with a battle of flour, eggs and firecrackers. The battle takes place between a group of married men called Els Enfarinats that takes control of the village for one day, pronouncing a whole host of ridiculous laws and fining the citizens that infringe them, and another group called La Oposicio, which tries to restore order. Money collected from the fines […]

The little state with a big story

The small wonderDelaware may be the second smallest US state, but it has immense historical significance as one of the 13 original US colonies and a key player in the Revolutionary War. This was finally recognised with the March 2013 creation of the First State National Monument, 1,100 acres of historic sites and stunning landscapes located throughout Kent and Newcastle Counties. The designation means that Delaware is the last of […]

Festival lights around the world

Bright lights of Christmas Since Neolithic times, man has gravitated toward fire, especially during the dark days of winter when luminous celebrations set gloomy nights aglow. From Scotland’s Hogmanay to Nepal’s Balachaturdashi, light plays a starring role in holidays around the world, brightening skies, spirits – and travel itineraries – alike. This shimmering stunner of a Christmas tree in Tokyo’s Shiodome – where marine life combines with festive illuminations in […]

Celebrity face change mysteries...

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley   Rosie has always had show-stopping lips, but the model’s signature pout has been looking extra puffy as of late. Renee Zellweger What happened to her face? The “Bridget Jones” star sported a very different face a recent movie premiere. Lara Flynn Boyle Actress Lara Flynn Boyle is almost unrecognizable in recent photos. Did she go under the knife? Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj’s hair color and style are […]

Which Christmas tree cost £1,000 to decorate - and which just £10?

Do you load your Christmas tree with angels the kids have made out of loo rolls and multi-coloured baubles that have been hanging around in the loft for the past 20 years? Or are you determined to go for the latest and chicest look? And can anyone tell the difference between them anyway? We asked top Christmas tree decorator Sharon Creates — who has dressed trees this year for one […]

From a woman who pretends she's a horse to a man obsessed with looking like a doll: Meet the newest stars of TLC's My Strange Addiction

A woman reveals her bizarre obsession with dressing up as a pony and galloping around a field in the upcoming season of My Strange Addiction. Nicole, 31, is addicted to Pony Play, a form of role play that sees her putting on a mask, hooves and a bit and pretending she is a horse as she rolls around in hay. She is just one of the stars who offer a […]

Surreal shapes in Mexico’s cenotes

The water surrounding me had the soupy texture of liquid glass. Drifting through the halocline – where cold and warm water converge in layers, their collision blurring the field of vision – was a deliciously disorienting feeling. Only my limbs were clearly visible. I could vaguely make out the limestone walls as we dove deeper inside the cavern, our bubbles reverberating off the ceiling. Each Darth Vader-like exhale mutated into […]

D.J. Campbell arrested in English match-fixing investigation

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Blackburn striker D.J. Campbell arrested in spot-fixing investigation, his soccer club confirms Five other players in English lower divisions also arrested, says National Crime Agency The NCA says Monday that five released on bail while other is still being questioned UK’s Sun on Sunday newspaper published allegations made by undercover investigative team A former English Premier League footballer is one of six players who have reportedly been arrested […]