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Is this the world’s most expensive dog? Pair of very big, very slobbery Tibetan mastiffs go for $3.2-million in China

In Pic :An unidentified man with two Tibetan mastiffs after they were sold at a “luxury pet” fair in Hangzhou, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. One of the Tibetan mastiff puppies (L) was sold in China for almost $US2-million, a report said on March 19, in what could be the most expensive dog sale ever. BEIJING — A Chinese dog breeder said Thursday that a property developer paid him 18-million […]

UK joins 'super-microscope' project

  The UK government has allocated £290m for new international science projects. The Science Minister David Willetts will earmark £165m to join a project to build a “super-microscope” in Sweden He will also pledge up to £100m to build the largest telescope ever built in South Africa and Australia. Critics warn that spending on projects that bring economic benefits to the UK must not be at the expense of basic […]

A washing machine factory tests Italy's industrial future

The boxy white and grey factory of this rainy northern town makes fewer than half the washing machines it did when Italy joined the euro. It is one of the many symbols of Southern Europe’s industrial decline. Today, however, the Porcia plant is also a testing ground for the region’s industrial future. Home appliance maker Electrolux, which owns the factory, wants to cut the salaries of some 5,000 workers at […]

Facebook's WhatsApp purchase challenged

Facebook wants to buy WhatsApp, but its bid has run into trouble Facebook’s purchase of mobile messaging service WhatsApp has been opposed by privacy groups. Mark Zuckerberg’s firm is planning to buy the company for around £11bn. Opponents want US regulators to stop the deal until Facebook provides more information on what it plans to do with the personal data of WhatsApp’s users. But Facebook said it will operate as […]

The 25 Highest-Paying Internships Will Make You Hate Your Job

Glassdoor, a website that offers an inside look at employee earnings and company reviews, has compiled a report that ranks where interns are compensated most generously. The results are revealing, and pretty shocking when we realize just how much some interns take home. Of course, compensation isn’t the sole factor that drives workers to seek internships. Most interns rank career growth as their motivation to work for free. Yet, unpaid […]

Top Bitcoin exchange MtGox goes offline

The value of Bitcoin had fallen sharply on the MtGox exchange in recent days One of the biggest Bitcoin Exchanges, MtGox, has gone offline. The exchange has been hit by technical issues and recently halted all customer withdrawals of the digital currency after it spotted what it called “unusual activity”. The move is a setback for backers of Bitcoin, who have been pushing for greater adoption of the currency. Meanwhile, […]

WhatsApp Is Down, Facebook’s New Acquisition Confirms Server Issues

WhatsApp is currently experiencing an outage. Users around the world are reporting that they haven’t been able to send messages for about two hours, and WhatsApp just confirmed this problems with a tweet stating “sorry we currently experiencing server issues. we hope to be back up and recovered shortly.” sorry we currently experiencing server issues. we hope to be back up and recovered shortly. — WhatsApp Status (@wa_status) February 22, […]

IIT-Delhi graduate head of 'all things business at WhatsApp'

Fast-growing startup WhatsApp was the talk of tech town on Thursday after social media giant Facebook announced a $19 billion buyout of the mobile-messaging application. While the deal created an instant global buzz, an Indian took centrestage in the aftermath.   Having crossed 450 million active users, WhatsApp’s business head Neeraj Arora (35) has had a lot on his plate in the past few months. He told an Indian business […]

Sequoia Capital Takes Victory Lap After Facebook's $19 Billion WhatsApp Deal

Sequoia Capital took a victory lap Wednesday after Facebook Inc.’s $19 billion deal for WhatsApp. The venture-capital firm, which invested $8 million in the smartphone-messaging app in 2011, stands to reap a huge return on that investment following Wednesday’s deal.Facebooks said it will pay $19bn in cash and stock to acquire WhatsApp, a deal that further emphasizes the social network’s mobile push. In a blog post, Jim Goetz, a partner […]

Gun sales are plunging

Sales of guns and ammo are losing steam after a frenzied run-up sparked by fears of greater restrictions in the wake of the Newtown shooting and other massacres. Background checks by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, considered to be the most accurate means of tracking gun sales, plunged by a third in January compared to the year before. There were about 1.66 million background checks last month, and nearly 2.5 […]