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Eurozone comes out of recession

The eurozone has emerged from recession after a record 18 months of economic contraction. The bloc’s GDP grew by 0.3% in the second quarter of 2013, slightly ahead of forecasts, the Eurostat agency said. The growth was widely expected after the German economy rose 0.7% between April and June. However, the overall figure masks the mixed economic fortunes among the countries that make up the 17-country eurozone area. Germany and […]

Power for India’s Rural Women

As cattle roam outside in the scorching heat, Sapni Surin perches on a stool inside a sunlit workshop fixing parts onto a small circuit board. Colorful wires, tiny resistors and tools are scattered around. “I think everything is right,” she quietly says as she holds the circuit board above her head. Ms. Surin is among 20 women who have traveled to Tilonia – a small village two hours’ drive from […]

Mumbai Dance Bars Get Green Light

India’s top court Tuesday overturned an eight-year ban on dance bars in Mumbai by the Maharashtra state government, which said they were degrading and exploited women. The Supreme Court’s decision upheld a 2006 ruling by the Bombay High Court that said the ban was discriminatory. The groups contesting the ban also said it violated their constitutional right to earn a living. The government of Maharashtra in 2005 prohibited performances in […]

Who is affected by big currency movements?

Some of the largest economies in Asia have seen big movements in the value of their currencies in recent months. Other than domestic factors, the potential tapering off of the US Federal Reserve’s cheap cash injections is partly responsible for the volatility. The US central bank’s moves had allowed billions of dollars of inflows into emerging economies, and now that money is leaving and it is having an impact on […]

Dogs killed in Mexico-Italy cocaine smuggling operation

An Italian judge has ordered 49 suspected Latin American gang members to stand trial for allegedly using dogs to smuggle cocaine into the country. A vet in Mexico forced large dogs to swallow drug packages before they were flown into Milan, police say. On arrival, they were killed and dismembered to retrieve the cocaine in a case which has outraged animal rights activists. The Ecuadorean, Peruvian and Salvadoran nationals will […]

More wheat rots in India than the total production of Australia

Foodgrain needs to stay fit for round-the-year consumption. Fruits and vegetables must stay fresh until they reach the plate. But forget all-weather warehouses or cold storage facilities, most developing countries dump millions of tonnes of food in the open at the mercy of the elements, birds and rodents. More wheat rots in India than the total production of Australia, which loses less than 1 percent of its grain in storage […]

Two Muslim students win all 3 Sanskrit medals in Gujarat University

Defying stereotypes, a Muslim boy and girl have bagged all three medals instituted for the BA course in the ancient Indian language by the Gujarat University. Two of the medals for Sanskrit were won by Taiyab Sheikh, a student of Y S Arts and Commerce college in Devgadh Baria in Panchmahals district. The third went to Yasminbanu Kothari of the Adiwasi Arts and Commerce college in Santrampur in the interior […]

24 more wards get lucky, Amma canteens open today

In Pic :The restaurants in the newly-added areas are expected to cater to those living in slums, daily labourers, drivers, load men and migrant workers — Photo: R. Ravindran. Inauguration coincides with birthday of CM Jayalalithaa; suggestions to include appalam, pickle, thuvayal in set lunch menu The Chennai Corporation on Saturday announced the 24 locations where a budget restaurant each will be opened on Sunday. The inauguration of the ‘Amma […]

Indian’s harvest claim ‘120% fake’, claims Chinese scientist

Piqued over loosing out to an Indian farmer who beat his world record by harvesting 22.4 tonnes of rice per hector, a top Chinese scientist known as the “father of hybrid rice” has questioned the feat, terming it as “fake”. It is “120% fake”,Yuan Longping, who held the record earlier by growing 19.4 tonnes of rice in 2011, was quoted as saying by the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post. […]


Canadians using medical tourism at India to access experimental treatments not offered in Canada.

Linda Stewart used a Kelowna-based company www.Meditours.org to arrange a medical tourism trip in May 2010 to get an experimental treatment for MS in India. Stewart is one of the unknown number of Canadians using medical tourism to access experimental treatments not offered in Canada. Shaz Pendharkar, of Kelowna, B.C., is the first to admit he isn’t a trained medical professional. He is a retired school principal who connects patients to […]