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Things I would like my children to do, so that, they do not become knowingly or unknowingly bullies. Children are playful, they love to play and there is nothing wrong about it. There is a fine line between empowering children, giving them too much power and keeping them away from empowerment by saying no to everything that they do. Empowering the child too much may make him a bully where […]


How would it be if we are ageless! We are limiting ourselves by being ruled by this number called age. We categorize ourselves as young, middle aged and old. There comes a point in life where we worry about midlife crisis. What is midlife crisis? Who decides your midlife? Some people die at the age of ten and some at the age of hundred, what is the midlife for them? […]

“Alone yet not lonely; Single yet strong.”

There are two ways to live life. Accept what you have got in your plate or stress over it. When you accept what you have got in your plate, you can enhance it. For example, when you are looking for a pizza, but you are served with bread which does not have cheese or any taste which you were actually visualizing. Yet, you accept the bread which is in your […]


“The fear of being different, Prevents most people From seeking new ways To solve problems”. CORRUPTION! A devilish word in itself. A general meaning of the word corruption in peoples mind is ‘the user of unethical ways to gain advantage for one’s own self. But are we even aware that we as individuals begin our life journey with corruption itself. We ourselves start corruption from the root level itself, and […]

Update Your Belief Software

  Just as your mobile application needs an update, in reality your beliefs must have an update to achieve your dreams. Have you ever updated your belief software? If your answer is yes than I’m really glad to hear it and for few it might be a no, isn’t it? In this context, the difference between a yes and a no is purely depended on how you have set your […]


What do you think belief is? Belief is a beautiful word. Belief is a feeling of acceptance. It improves our personality and builds character. That is why it is important to have a good belief system. What does belief teach us? It teaches us self confidence, and the strength to deal with anything and everything. And, there are people out there who simply accept whatever fate brings them. But I […]

Ambanis are the richest in Asia- Forbes

Ambanis are the richest in Asia- Forbes The 2017 Forbes list of Asia’s richest families has come out, and for the first time the Ambanis with a net worth of US $44.8 BN have topped the list. The list declares the richest 50 families of the Asian continent and orders them on the basis of their net worth and wealth. The combined wealth of all the 50 families on the […]

Alibaba positive about India Points to stronger tech relations between India China

Alibaba positive about India- Points to stronger tech relations between India China 20 Indian start-ups and 150 Chinese investor giants gathered together at the Government of India’s first of its kind initiative, a startup event in China’s capital, Beijing. The steps have been taken to establish new avenues for them to facilitate their closeness. The event was held at China’s Indian Embassy this week. It was organised by Startup India […]

7 Ways to Supercharge Your Success Right Now

Ways to Supercharge Your Success Right Now Dr Seuss said it well, “why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Throughout Dr Seuss books, he taught us about everything like courage, gratitude and that anything is possible. His stories immersed the minds of many with endless possibilities. Embracing all aspects of yourself is far more pertinent today than ever before. Harnessing your individuality, setting alight your greatness and […]