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Incredible Facts About Indian Railways That You Probably Never Knew

Facts everyone should know about Indian Railways that you might not be aware of. Indian Railways- The lifeline of the transport system in our country, is evidently a huge setup, and an organization with numerous branches. With a dedicated ministry and budget in its name, railways help large portions of the country’s population in running their daily businesses successfully. However, there are a few things you probably don’t know about […]

A Lost League

Drama does not walk into your life. You either create it, invite it or associate with it. Barely 2 weeks into IPL season 12, and the drama unfolds to bring the game and the cricketing administration into disrepute. While the resultant attention will no doubt contribute to the eyeballs the unsavory aspects of the controversies can only take away from the game in the long run. Two particular instances draw […]

Ridiculed For Her Face, Kerala Woman Is Fighting Her Destiny & Needs Your Help

A native of the Chelakkara town in Kerala’s Thrissur district, Preethi was born with a severe case of Ichthyosis, a rare skin condition that causes dryness and a scaly appearance. While Preethi has been through multiple treatments for her skin, including both Ayurveda and allopathy, the condition causes her skin to peel bringing with it agonising pain, during the summer. “My condition is such that I must not be exposed […]

Code of the Yakuza – Behind Japan’s Infamous Centuries-Old Mafia Network

The Yakuza are Japan’s long-standing criminal network. They’ve been in existence for 400 years and have instilled fear and respect among the population. But are they more than a bunch of ruthless criminals? The truth has a habit of being more complex than first thought. They’ve blighted the country’s history, according to some. Others believe they are a foundation stone of modern society, for better or worse. The organization started […]

ASI approves excavation at site of Mahabharata’s house of lac

MEERUT: After years of requests by archaeologists and local historians, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has finally approved the excavation of what locals believe is the site of the ‘Lakshagriha’, the house of lac which features in an important incident in the Mahabharata . The site is located in Barnawa area of Baghpat district. Retired ASI superintending archaeologist, (excavation) KK Sharma said, “Lakshagriha plays a significant part in the Mahabharata. The […]


Watch: The unique legacy of ‘Economic and Political Weekly’ commemorated in a documentary

The Economic Political Weekly magazine has put out a commemorative documentary to mark its 50th anniversary on its YouTube channel. The 32-minute film, titled Fifty Years of EPW and directed by Rafeeq Elias, includes brief insights into the formation of the magazine and interviews with academic luminaries on its importance and legacy. The magazine’s predecessor, The Economic Weekly, was founded by Sachin Chaudhuri in 1949. Chaudhuri’s brother, Bombay Talkies producer […]

December 1: 8 major changes that could affect your daily life from today

December1st will bring with it certain changes directly affecting you, including banking, aviation and those where you will have to shell out more from your pocket. While there are some changes relating to banking services, there also some that will put you at ease. From news for pan card holders to those using internet banking facility of SBI, here are 8 points that may affect you: 1. Some customers of […]

How solar lanterns are giving power to the people of India and Africa

Clean-energy lights are transforming lives—and creating entrepreneurs—in Africa and India. Prashant Mandal flips on a candy-bar-size LED light in the hut he shares with his wife and four children. Instantly hues of canary yellow and ocean blue—reflecting off the plastic tarps that serve as the family’s roof and walls—fill the cramped space where they sleep. Mandal, a wiry 42-year-old with a thick black beard and a lazy eye, gestures with […]

Google to shutdown its social network Google Plus after users data exposed to external developers

Google on Monday said that it has decided to shutdown its social media network Google+ after the company found that a bug in the social network had exposed the private data of its users to external developers which may have affected up to 500,000 accounts on Google+. The company has said that following an internal investigation in the issue, it has found that there was a bug in the software […]

Google and greatness: What the search giant is doing next to win the world

What’s the average weight of a panda? How do I get paint off my face? How can I make a fidget spinner? No matter how random the question, the Internet will likely have an answer, and the easiest way to get to it, is through Google. It’s been 20 years since Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s website was incorporated as a company in September 1998. In 2015, under CEO Sundar […]