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Look out, he's behind you! Eight-ton orca leaps 15ft into the air to finally capture dolphin he wanted for dinner after two-hour chase

The dolphin was originally part of a small group swimming off the Mexican coast But the others managed to get away – leaving it at the mercy of a whole pod of whales With the setting sun just beginning to turn the sky pink, a killer whale leaps out of the ocean and soars into the air, spray cascading down in its wake. It is a magnificent image. Except the […]

Rio prepares for World Youth Day launch

Hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholics have gathered at Copacabana Beach in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro for the opening of the World Youth Day festival. The highlight of the festival will be a visit on Thursday by Pope Francis. The Pope arrived on Monday for his first trip abroad since becoming head of the Roman Catholic Church. His visit is taking place under tight security, after weeks […]

World Bank: Africa held back by land ownership confusion

Africa’s economic growth is being held back by confusion over who owns vast swathes of agricultural land, according to a World Bank report. The continent is home to half of the world’s usable uncultivated land, yet has the highest poverty rate. But the Bank said farmers’ inability to prove ownership, legal disputes and land grabs had held back cultivation. Land governance needs to be improved if Africa is to fully […]

Riot on a tiny island highlights Australia shutting a door on asylum

Australia is advertising its changed migration policy, warning people that they will be sent to Papua New Guinea or elsewhere. A riot on a tiny island in the Pacific that killed no one would usually go unnoticed by the world. But when some 100 asylum seekers burned down their shelters in an Australian refugee processing center Friday on Nauru Island, it did not. Instead, it drew attention to a new […]

Have Egypt's long lost pyramids really been found on Google Earth? Historical maps show sandy mound may hide monument larger than Giza

    Sandy mounds discovered by an American scientist in the Egyptian desert are labelled as pyramids on 34 rare, antique maps     Archaeology researcher Angela Micol’s find was dismissed by many but a preliminary ground study has found shafts and cavities     One site spotted on satellite is three times the size of Great Pyramid at Giza Mounds of sand spotted in the Egyptian desert using Google Earth might be […]

Detroit becomes largest US city to file for bankruptcy

Detroit has become the largest US city ever to file for bankruptcy, with debts of at least $18bn (£12bn). The city, once a symbol of US industrial power, is seeking protection from creditors who include public-sector workers and their pension funds. Unions described the bankruptcy filing as a power grab. Detroit has faced decades of problems linked to declining industry. Public services are nearing collapse and about 70,000 properties lie […]

Dubai Aquarium. One of the largest tanks in the world !!!

Dubai Aquarium. One of the largest tanks in the world !!! The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall based on total area and sixth largest by gross leasable area. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is part of the 20-billion-dollar Downtown Dubai complex, and includes 1,200 shops Please follow and like us:

Six women climb London's Shard to protest Shell drilling

Six women attempted to climb one of Europe’s tallest buildings Thursday to rally against Shell’s Arctic drilling plan. The women from environmental group Greenpeace said they dodged security guards around the London landmark and once on top, they planned to “to hang a huge work of art that captures the beauty” of the Arctic. “They expect the grueling project to take most of the day,” the environmental group, Greenpeace said […]

Multiple blasts rock one of holiest Buddhist sites in India

A number of explosions have rocked the Mahabodhi temple complex, south of Gaya in northeastern India. The Buddhist pilgrimage site his home to a towering Buddha statue and a holy tree where Buddha is believed to have reached enlightenment. Indian police reported eight blasts at the Bodh Gaya temple between 5:30 am and 6:00 am on Sunday morning. Four exploded inside the complex and 2 outside, but the temple, a […]

Mars Rover Opportunity Trekking Toward More Layers

Mission Status Report PASADENA, Calif. – Approaching its 10th anniversary of leaving Earth, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is on the move again, trekking to a new study area still many weeks away. The destination, called “Solander Point,” offers Opportunity access to a much taller stack of geological layering than the area where the rover has worked for the past 20 months, called “Cape York.” Both areas are raised segments […]