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Peelamedu: Building India's next 'Silicon Valley'

Coimbatore’s real estate market provides a plethora of options for home buyers and investors to choose from, with various localities developing as catchment areas for housing and commercial real estate. One of these is Peelamedu, which is among the fastest-growing locations and a very favourable destination for property buyers. Located in Coimbatore, which is being seen as the ‘next Silicon Valley’ in South India, Peelamedu has been growing significantly due […]

Pakistan past and present: Crumbling Hindu buildings in Lahore’s oldest market trace the transition

The turret rises amid lines of shops selling clothes. Its thick bricks are proof it was constructed during the colonial era. Hundreds of visitors glance at the children’s clothes hanging at the shops here, oblivious to the turret behind. This is one of the several monuments in this area, an essential part of this historical market of Lahore – Anarkali Bazaar. A vendor looks at me suspiciously as I photograph […]

Passing through Ankapur in Nizamabad? Meet the man behind a special Telanagana flavoured Chicken

On every weekend afternoon, the village centre of Ankapur in Nizamabad sees people thronging from Hyderabad, the neighbouring Karimnagar and Medak districts. Ankapur, also known as ‘mini USA’, due to its facilities, is located in Armoor mandal in NH-63, 20 kilometres away from the district headquarters. The rush of all the vehicles halts at a man who is seen busy preparing masalas or soaking nicely snipped chicken pieces into a […]

Pokhara in Nepal is all about a lake, forests and mountains – A visual delight!

Standing by a lake, with forested hills on one side and snow-capped Himalayan peaks on the other, was an unforgettable moment for me in Pokhara, the picturesque Nepalese city that is arguably its tourism capital. Pokhara was a discovery in several ways.It has a laidback charm that contrasts with the rush and pollution of capital Kathmandu. The translucent Phewa lake provided some breath- taking vistas and the experience of observing […]

Canada PM Justin Trudeau goes ‘desi’ during temple visit in Toronto

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended the 10th anniversary of the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Toronto, and hailed the temple as an architectural masterpiece and a place for communal harmony. Looking dapper in a traditional blue Indian kurta and pajama, complete with a flower garland around his neck, the Prime Minister immersed himself in the rituals and celebrations. The celebrations were also attended by former ministry of external affairs […]

"Trump bump’ behind sharp rise in Indians applying to Canadian universities

Earlier this month, when the Canadian government’s New Delhi Immigration Section sent out an acknowledgement letter to an Indian student who had applied for a visa, it began: “Thank you for choosing Canada! We know this is a very exciting time in planning an important change in your life.” That welcoming note is part of the overt attempt by Canada to attract more Indian students, even as many are chary […]

School of Flavours celebrates CANADA 150 and presents TASTE OF INDIA food festival

School of Flavours celebrates CANADA 150 and presents TASTE OF INDIA food festival on August 5, 2017 at Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St W, Toronto M5H 2N2 from 12:00 Noon to 10:00 pm. FREE and family-friendly event perfect for this summer with more than 50 vendors attracting over 10,000 in attendance. Be a part of Bollywood style dances, classical temple dances, bhangra, music, and a live DJ to rock the […]

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau meets Syrian baby named after him

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday met a baby of Syrian refugees who was named after him as an honour. The prime minister on arriving the Calgary Stampede held the two-month-old Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan who was slept happily. PM Trudeau on holding the baby boy said, “‘This is Justin-Trudeau,’ and after a while, he said, “I appreciate that you named him after my name.” According to a report […]

A Journey to Barren Island, India’s Only Active Volcano, Is a Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

We are going to see an actual volcano!” shrieked my best friend, as we boarded the ship. The year was 2004, six months before the Indian Ocean tsunami. The Indian Coast Guard had organised an excursion for students to India’s only active volcano, Barren Island, and we were over the moon about being selected to see nature at its most primordial. As the piercing sound of the ship’s horn reverberated […]

Indian travellers look at Bali, Krabi as top monsoon getaway destinations

Planning a vacation seems like the perfect way to escape India’s monsoon. When it comes to International Destinations Bali and Krabi find top spots in the list for Indian travellers, say experts. In India, they prefer to go to Havelock and Kasol. Experts at online travel companies Make My Trip, Gofro, and Abhijit Mishra, country director, India, at Kayak, list out the trends this year during the rainy season. 27% […]