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France’s young president has a youth problem

Addressing youths in the north of Paris during the 2012 presidential campaign, François Hollande declared that, if elected, he wanted to be judged by one objective. “Will young people be better off in 2017 than in 2012?” His bold challenge helped draw a solid majority of the youth vote (62% of the 25-24 year range), but it would soon become a bitter indictment of his presidency. Emmanuel Macron, his successor […]

8 Things To Do When In Pune !

Pune or Poona is one of the cosmopolitan cities in the state of Maharashtra. It is the second most important city in Maharashtra after Mumbai. Mumbai is called the financial capital of India whereas Pune is known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The city is an emerging IT hub and a renowned educational centre, which also gives it a nickname – the Oxford of the East. In ancient times, […]

Guinness Book declares 112-ft tall Lord Shiva statue world's tallest bust

The 112 feet tall ‘Adiyogi’ Lord Shiva steel statue situated in Coimbatore at the Isha Yoga Centre, has been declared the world’s largest bust by the Guinness Books of World Records. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had unveiled the statue on February 24 this year. Speaking about the Guinness record, the representative said, “The ‘Adiyogi’ is the source of yoga and to create awareness among the people about adiyogi science , […]

Irish beach reappears 33 years after vanishing into Atlantic Ocean

A beach that was swept away more than 30 years ago from a remote island off the west coast of Ireland has reappeared after thousands of tons of sand were deposited on top of the rocky coastline. The 300 metre beach near the tiny village of Dooagh on Achill Island vanished in 1984 when storms stripped it of its sand, leaving nothing more than a series of rock pools. But […]

France to vote a second time to choose its president: All you need to know about the election

France will on Sunday choose its next president after an unpredictable campaign threw up no clear winner in the first round of voting. The second round will see centrist Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old pro-European Union former investment banker. Why is it important France is the eurozone’s second-biggest economy as well as a global military and diplomatic heavyweight, with veto power as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. The […]

Cyprus - A perfect destination for Indian tourists

Located at the cross roads of Asia and Europe, Cyprus marries modern comforts with ancient heritage and its turquoise blue beaches, green mountains, rich culture and mouth-watering food will make you return to the sun-kissed Mediterranean country again. In Greek mythology, Cyprus was the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. So the picturesque island could be a perfect wedding destination for Indians, say authorities here who are […]

Brigitte Macron: Teacher To Potential First Lady Of France

After winning the top spot in the first round of France’s presidential election, centrist Emmanuel Macron brought his wife Brigitte on stage before cheering supporters and said, “Without her, I wouldn’t be me.” She has been in her 39-year-old husband’s life since he was 15 — first as a teacher, then lover and now as a partner in his pursuit to become modern France’s youngest president. Elegant and slim, the […]

Survey finds Karnataka the most corrupt state

Karnataka occupies the first slot in a list of states perceived to be corrupt on the basis of people’s experience in paying bribes for public services, a survey conducted by an NGO has revealed. Karnataka is followed by Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab. The Centre for Media Studies survey, which covered 20 states, found Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Chhattisgarh to be the least corrupt. The […]

Kodhini: A Kerala village with 400 pairs of twins that continues to be a mystery to researchers

Kodinhi, a remote and sleepy village in Kerala’s Malappuram district, continues to be a mystery to researchers. This village has the largest number of twins in the country. According to estimates, there are at least 400 pairs of twins in the village that has a population of 2000 families. While official estimates in 2008 pegged the number of twins in the village to 280 pairs, the number has only increased […]

US missile defence equipment reaches South Korea site amid heightened tensions over North's nuclear ambitions

US troops began delivering a missile defence system that has infuriated China to a deployment site in South Korea Wednesday, amid heightened tensions over the North`s nuclear ambitions. Washington is urging Beijing — Pyongyang`s sole major ally — to do more to rein it in, but the Asian giant has reacted with fury to the planned installation of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system. The US and ally […]