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Archaeologists unearth ancient royal tomb in Peru.

Archaeologists in South America have discovered the first undisturbed tomb of the ancient and mysterious Wari civilisation, unearthing the mummified bodies of three Queens alongside golden treasures and macabre human sacrifices. The 1,200-year-old ‘temple of the dead’ was found at the El Castillo de Huarmey site, a four-hour drive north of the Pruvian capital Lima. It provides a wealth of information about the enigmatic Wari empire that ruled the Andes […]

Look out --The new Asian tiger mosquito is invading U.S.

There’s a new pest invading many American towns, and it’s about as menacing as it sounds: the Asian tiger mosquito. Named for the black-and-white stripes on its body, the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) was first brought to Texas in a shipment of tires (which are notorious for holding the standing water that mosquitoes require for breeding), the Wall Street Journal reports. The bug is worrisome for several reasons: Unlike […]

Canada floods: Three killed as waters threaten Calgary

At least three people have been killed and more than a 100,000 forced to flee their homes as floods triggered by torrential rain hit western Canada. Officials have ordered the evacuation of the centre of Calgary, Alberta, after both rivers that flow through it, the Bow and Elbow, overflowed. The floods have washed away roads and bridges, cut-off electricity and submerged hundreds of homes. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper toured […]

Indian media: Poor flood management

In Pic :Flood waters gush around a giant statue of Lord Shiva in the holy city of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand state Media in India are criticising the government’s lack of preparedness in dealing with the monsoon floods, which have killed more than 100 people in the northern parts of the country. Nearly 73,000 people are stranded in the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh due to heavy rainfall and landslides, […]

23 dead in worst flooding seen across some regions of Europe in 500 years

June 11, 2013 CZECH REPUBLIC – Expectations that Central Europe’s flooding would ease this week were put on hold following heavy rainfall over the weekend, as the Vltava and Elbe rivers swelled again to near critical levels in the Czech Republic while the flood wave moving through northern Germany triggered more evacuations. Forecasters are expecting more thunderstorms in parts of southern Germany, just as recovery efforts were beginning to get under way after […]

Development spurs larger fight over Turkish identity

Istanbul: Across this vast city, a capital for three former empires, cranes dangle over construction sites, tin walls barricade old slums, and skyscrapers outclimb the mosque minarets that have dominated the skyline for centuries – all a vanguard for more audacious projects already in the works. For many Turks, though, the development is not so much progress as a reflection of growing autocratic ambitions by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and […]

14 dead in bus-tanker collision in Thane

Thane: At least 14 people were killed and 36 others injured in a collision between a private bus and a tanker at Medvan Khind on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway today. The collision between the private luxury bus and the tanker took place around 7 AM, police said. Resident Deputy Collector Manoj Gohad said rescue operations have already been launched. “The disaster management machinery has been pressed into service and medical teams […]

Britain: EU Ends Arms Embargo On Syrian Rebels

BRUSSELS — The European Union said its member states within days will be able to send weapons to help Syria’s outgunned rebels, seeking to pressure President Bashar Assad’s regime ahead of planned peace talks mediated by the United States and Russia. Though no EU country has any such plans now to send arms, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said the decision “sends a very strong message from Europe to the […]

U.S. Troops Replaced by an Outsourced Army in Afghanistan

The United States is preparing to withdraw the majority of its troops from Afghanistan next year, ending more than a decade of war that has cost this country hundreds of billion of dollars and 2,126 lives to date. But the military withdrawal does not mean the United States is out of the country entirely. The country is leaving tens of thousands of contractors behind. According to the latest contractor census […]

U.S. Drone Strikes In Yemen Spur Growing Anti-American Sentiment

SANAA, Yemen — The cleric preached in his tiny Yemeni village about the evils of al-Qaida, warning residents to stay away from the group’s fighters and their hard-line ideology. The talk worried residents, who feared it would bring retaliation from the militants, and even the cleric’s father wanted him to stop. But in the end it wasn’t al-Qaida that killed Sheik Salem Ahmed bin Ali Jaber. Al-Qaida fighters, who hide […]