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The Devil in Roland Doe: How The Exorcist was based on a REAL-LIFE possession

Accounts of the 14-year-old’s exorcism at a house in Missouri (pictured) in 1949 are based on diary extracts by Father Raymond Bishop, one of the Jesuit priests who performed the exorcism. One diary entry, dated 11 April 1949, reads: ‘At midnight, the Fathers planned to give (Roland) Holy Communion, but Satan would have no part of it. The word HELLO was printed on his chest and thigh.’ It was a […]

Vatican reveals 72-mln-pound-profit in first financial report for 125 years

Edinburgh, Oct. 2 (ANI): The Vatican bank has published the first annual report in its 125-year history, as part of an attempt to become more financially transparent. Bank President Ernst Von Freyberg said the 100-page report was an attempt to meet the commitment to transparency that Catholics around the world ‘rightfully expect’. According to the Scotsman, a five-member committee appointed by Pope Francis, who has promised to clean up the […]


Revealed: How Gaudi's Barcelona cathedral will finally look on completion in 2026... 144 years after building started

The first stone was laid at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona in 1882 It’s architect, Antoni Gaudí, died after he was hit by a tram in 1926 It’s only 65 per cent complete, but builders say they can finish it in 13 years Barcelona’s world famous Sagrada Família will finally be finished by 2026, the architect in charge has vowed… nearly 150 years after work began. That will make it […]

China's 'love hunters' seek brides for picky billionaires

China is moving forwards at an astonishing rate, but it lacks one vital commodity – young women. Men of marriageable age are confronted by a shrinking pool of potential female partners – and the competition to find a bride is fierce. Clutching his iced coffee, Peng Tai strolls down the street and disappears into a shopping mall. Half way up the escalator, he surveys the scene below. “What about that […]

Want to work somewhere with a view? Maybe you'll think again when you see this chairlift operator's rickety hut jutting out 7,000ft over a Swiss mountain

  Sitting 7,000ft above the ground, this precarious looking shed juts out from atop an Alps mountain. The building was built to house the operator of a chairlift in the Portes du Soleil resort in Switzerland. And with unabated views across the stunning mountain ranges, there are worse places to call your office. Real estate agent Florin Biscu, from Romania, took pictures of the floating shed during a recent trip […]

Al-Shabaab: 'Lord of the Flies' with guns

STORY HIGHLIGHTS James Fergusson: Somali teens lured into Al-Shabaab by promise of food, security Many are orphans, he says, with no real Islamic ideology, who want to survive Recruiters tell of virgins in heaven, he says; Americans lured by tales of battle He says until Somalia gives teens a chance at a decent life, they will turn to Al-Shabaab Editor’s note: James Fergusson is a freelance journalist and foreign correspondent […]

Pakistan quake island off Gwadar 'emits flammable gas'

Barely half an hour after they were jolted by a major earthquake on Tuesday, people of the Pakistani coastal town of Gwadar had another shock when they saw a new island emerge in the sea, just over a kilometre from the shore. A local journalist, Bahram Baloch, received the news via a text message from a friend. “It said a hill has appeared outside my house,” Mr Baloch said. “I […]

Don't blame your satnav... the A3 really has vanished! Two years on, and a corner of countryside blighted by traffic is transformed by miracle of engineering

The busy A3 used to skirt the edge of the Devil’s Punch Bowl, near Hindhead in Surrey Road has now gone, moved deep underground, where over 1,000 vehicles an hour pass through £371m, 1.25-mile Hindhead Tunnel They look worlds apart – a trunk road buzzing with traffic and the stunning beauty of remote heathland. Yet these astonishing photographs show how what was once a notorious traffic bottleneck has been returned […]