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Return to the rainforest: A son's search for his Amazonian mother

David Good’s parents come from different countries – hardly unusual in the US where he was raised. But the 25-year-old’s family is far from ordinary – while his father is American, his mother is a tribeswoman living in a remote part of the Amazon. Two decades after she left, David realised he had to find her. After three days on the Orinoco River, David Good felt sick. He had been […]

London from above, at night

Big Ben, above the Houses of Parliament. (© Jason Hawkes) London from above, at night Commuters and traffic at Oxford Circus. (© Jason Hawkes) London from above, at night The financial district, featuring the tip of 30 St. Mary’s Axe, known by the nickname “The Gherkin”. (© Jason Hawkes) London from above, at night A lonely curve of a city street. (© Jason Hawkes) London from above, at night A busy roundabout junction. (© […]

The zoo where the HUMANS are kept behind bars: Tourists locked in cage for close encounter with hungry lions

    Twenty tourists are taken through lion enclosure on cage on flatbed truck     Animals are fed through bars and climb over the mesh     Keepers at Orana Wildlife Park said it allows tourists to get close to lions This is the unique zoo where humans are kept in cages instead of the animals. Visitors are given a taste of their own medicine as hungry lions eye up adults and […]

Vanishing Chernobyl: Aerial photos show how devastated town in radiation disaster zone is being reclaimed by nature

Former power plant and neighbouring city of Pripyat are slowly becoming hidden from view by Red Forest Ukrainian government evacuated 350,000 residents from Chernobyl and Pripyat following 1986 disaster Devastated by the worst nuclear disaster in history, Chernobyl is now a barren ghost town slowly being forgotten. These astonishing aerial photographs of the former power plant and the neighbouring city of Pripyat show how they are becoming hidden from view […]


Giant panda Mei Xiang gives birth to stillborn 2nd cub

A day after a jubilant first delivery, giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a second cub Saturday night, but it was stillborn. Washington’s celebrity panda gave birth to the first cub Friday, to the excitement of hordes of fans watching it on public panda cams. The cub, about the size of a stick of butter, appeared to be doing well. So was its mom, who was cradling it in […]

Bird’s-eye View of Africa by Photographer George Steinmetz.

Amazing African photographer George Steinmetz portfolio is a selection of photos taken with a bird’s-eye view. Few people know this Africa – a fascinating, mysterious and beautiful. i personally love these photos, they are giving awesome view… Please follow and like us:

The American West, 150 Years Ago

In the 1860s and 70s, photographer Timothy O’Sullivan created some of the best-known images in American History. After covering the U.S. Civil War, O’Sullivan joined a number of expeditions organized by the federal government to help document the new frontiers in the American West. The teams were composed of soldiers, scientists, artists, and photographers, and tasked with discovering the best ways to take advantage of the region’s untapped natural resources. O’Sullivan […]

Unidentified 13ft-long sea monster with horns washes up on beach in Spain and has marine biologists stumped

Spanish marine biologists mystified by thecreature that was spotted dead in the shallows by a woman on the beach at Villaricos With its horns, long white body and slithery form, it looks like a mythical beast But this four-metre long horned creature is only too real – as the stench from its decomposing flesh proved. The mysterious sea creature was washed ashore in Villaricos, Spain – and tests are being […]


Rare night clouds and glowing aurora: Astronomer captures incredible footage of two phenomena in Scottish night sky

Maciej Winiarczyk, 41, captured the images in Caithness, Scotland Noctilucent, or ‘night-shining’, clouds are normally too faint to be seen Half way through the video the clouds are joined by a spectacular aurora A stunning time-lapse video of a rare celestial show has been captured dancing across a night sky. The recording gives a rare glimpse of rolling noctilucent clouds and dancing aurora glimmering across the horizon. The astronomer witnessed […]

Building the Panama Canal, 1900s

Gaton Upper Locks, August 5, 1911 Ninety-nine years ago Thursday, the Panama Canal officially opened when the ship Ancon traversed it from end to end—more than three decades after construction had started. The ground was broken by the French in 1880. When their construction efforts faltered and funds ran out, Americans—spearheaded by President Teddy Roosevelt—bought the rights and took over the task in 1904. It was perilous work. An estimated […]