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India's Rising Middle Class Competing With America, Says Barack Obama

Washington:  As a rising middle class – from Brazil to India competes with Americans, and as new nations embrace democracy and market economies, the US has to be ready to respond to this new world order, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday. “The world is changing with accelerating speed. This presents opportunity, but also new dangers,” Obama said in his address to the United States Military Academy at West Point […]


Few clicks from the Narendra Damodardas Modi’s swearing in ceremony From Delhi, venue, India Rashtrapati bhavan. Along with Prime Minister post, 45 other cabinet and other minister were also swear for their responsibilities. Many renowned personalities have witnessed this oath ceremony like, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sri lankan President Mahindra Rajapaksh, Afgan President Hamid Karzai and Premier of Nepal, Bhutan and Mauritius and President of Maldives and Bhutan too. […]

Indian politician’s extraordinary historic rise from the lowest caste of ‘untouchables’ to state’s chief minister

Millions of India’s lowest “untouchable” caste celebrated the election of a rat catcher as the state of Bihar’s chief minister Tuesday amid hopes that their days as the country’s most marginalized minority might be coming to an end. Jitan Ram Manjhi, 68, who grew up catching and eating rats to survive, was sworn in as chief minister in a ceremony that marked the most extraordinary rise of any politician in […]

Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi claims victory

 Narendra Modi, the leader of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, claimed victory as India’s next Prime Minister on Friday, bringing to power a man whose controversial past at one point led the United States to deny him a visa. Official results were expected late Friday. Viewed as pro-business, Modi, 63, has pledged reforms to revive the nation’s flagging economy. But his past is not without controversy. Throughout his campaign, […]


Israeli soldier becomes overnight hero for pointing loaded gun at Palestinian youths

Israeli soldier David Adamov has become an overnight hero in Israel. Why? Because he cocked his assault rifle at unarmed Palestinian youths in Hebron. Adamov’s actions were caught on camera and posted to YouTube by the activist group Youth Against Settlements. In the video, Adamov is seen talking trash to a Palestinian teen in Hebron, a city in the occupied West Bank, as several onlookers watch with cameras in hand. […]

Ukraine nears full-scale civil war

On the one side, Ukraine’s interior minister said Saturday that military operations in the east would continue and vowed, “We are not stopping.” On the other, there was the pro-Russian separatist leader in Luhansk who announced the formation of an army to march on Kiev. These and other statements suggest Ukraine’s future will feature yet more unrest, more fighting and more likelihood that it will spawn a full-scale civil war […]

In Ukraine and elsewhere, Canada needs a strong military to back up its bravado

Canada has set aside its former cherished international position as self-proclaimed peacekeeper, and now has an opportunity to graduate from the Harper government’s more commendable but still unsatisfactory status as a mouse that roars, to some level of international relevance. Canada was a good ally in the World Wars and as a co-founder of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The notion of peacekeeping took hold in 1956, after the British […]

ukraine crisis to end in war or peace ?

Ukraine’s young government is running out of viable options for restoring its control of eastern regions and preserving the country’s territorial integrity. Government and police buildings in more than a dozen places are still held by pro-Russian protesters, sometimes led by masked and well-armed men in uniform. The response from Kiev to this assault has been inconsistent and hesitant. Amid a war of words between Washington and Moscow, the “agreement” […]

Indian election spoofs get voters laughing

Candidate Narendra Modi is spoofed using an iconic scene from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator A barrage of political spoofs on the internet and TV is ensuring that every Indian politician is cut down to size, writes Jay Mazoomdaar. For a people not known to take themselves lightly, a surprising number of Indians are laughing their way to the general election. A generous dose of irreverent political humour is now […]

Pakistan library named ‘bin Laden’ as memory fades

ISLAMABAD — Most didn’t notice the new library at this Islamic seminary for girls near Pakistan’s capital, until locals saw the paper sign in Urdu posted on its wooden door: “Library of Osama bin Laden, the Martyr.” Cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz, a radical preacher who runs the Jamia Hafsa madrassa, wanted to honor the memory of the al-Qaida leader, killed in a May 2011 raid by U.S. Navy SEALs on […]