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Egypt's Mursi divided loyalty between Hamas, US & Israel.

Mursi now needs to come off the fence and decide with whom does his loyalty lie with. Egypt has recalled its ambassador to Israel but yet the Israeli ambassador is still in Egypt. This recalling of the egyptian ambassador is what Mubarak did in the past and is simple posturing to the people it means nothing. He has one of the most formidable armed forces in the middle east he just […]

Coward Zionist regime

This photo sums up the coward israeli soldiers who cover beside an anti-missile launcher on outskirts of Gaza.  They love life whilst they dont care about others life. Some claim that Israel has a mightier military machine than its neighbors and can take them all out. This is so untrue that its not even laughable but makes you wince that some in this world actually believe the hype surrounding Israel. How many […]

Erdogan congratulated Obama

Erdogan congratulated Obama on winning the presidential election. While you are at it, Mr. Erdogan, why don’t you congratulate the Muslim families in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan for daily receiving Hellfire missiles fired from US drones that Obama has sent? Why don’t you congratulate the Muslims in Palestine on their decade of oppression and occupation, which Obama financially and politically supports?

The Role of the New Syrian Coalition

On Monday, November 12th 2012, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) recognized the newly formed National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the ‘legitimate representative’ of Syria.[1] A day earlier, Syrian dissidents and activists alongside Western diplomats met in Doha, Qatar and agreed upon forming this new coalition with the aim of representing the full spectrum of the opposition. Mouaz al-Khatib, a Damascus imam, was chosen as the president […]

Outcry over India journalist arrest

Activists in India have demanded the release of a television reporter who had taken a video of Hindu activists attacking girls for partying with boys in the southern state of Karnataka. Naveen Soorinje was arrested on late Wednesday night and charged with abetting the July attack in Mangalore. The incident was criticised as one of the many incidents of “moral policing” that have marred the state’s image. Media organisations have […]