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The Templers: German settlers who left their mark on Palestine

In the late 19th Century a group of German Christians called the Templers settled in the Holy Land on a religious mission. What began with success though ended three generations later, destroyed by the rise of Nazism and the war. Kurt Eppinger’s community of German Christians arrived in the Holy Land to carry out a messianic plan – but after less than a century its members were sent into exile, […]

Indian Supreme Court bars convicted lawmakers from office

Indian lawmakers convicted of serious crimes will be removed from office under a landmark Supreme Court ruling. Federal and state assembly members would be barred from elections if found guilty of offences carrying a jail term of at least two years, judges said. Campaigners called it a major step in cleaning up Indian politics, which has been beset by corruption scandals. More than 150 MPs in the 543-seat lower house […]

Iran: U.S. 'sabotaged' our nuke program:- Warns future 'attacks' considered 'act of war' against regime

Iran’s Foreign Ministry is preparing to take legal action against America over the Stuxnet computer virus, charging that the United States was behind the sabotage of its nuclear program. The media outlet Irannuc.ir, which often quotes regime insiders on the Iranian nuclear program, said Sunday that regime sources told the outlet that the Foreign Ministry has concluded there is sufficient documentation to take legal action against the U.S. The computer […]

Living the American dream in Jackson Hole, China

Jackson Hole, China (CNN) — Looking for a weekend escape from the city, Annie Liu and her husband fell in love at first sight with a log home in Jackson Hole and bought it for less than $300,000. Five years on, a weekly 90-minute drive from their downtown apartment to the house has long been the norm. They enjoy gardening, barbecuing or simply relaxing in their getaway surrounded by mountains […]

Koreas to hold talks on reopening Kaesong complex

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) — Pyongyang has agreed to South Korea’s offer for working-level talks on reopening the suspended joint industrial complex at Kaesong, the South Korean Unification Ministry said. The talks are scheduled to be held at 10 a.m. Saturday (9 p.m. Friday ET) at Tongilgak, an administrative building on the North Korean side of the neutral border village of Panmunjom. Kaesong, which is a bellwether of North-South ties, […]

Grassland as fodder for development

Karnataka’s cattle farmers protest the allotment of 12,000 acres of traditional grazing land for defence, nuclear and other projects. Imran Khan reports   Since the time of our forefathers, our cattle have been grazing in these grasslands. But now a high wall prevents us from going there,” laments Ranganna, a 58-year-old cattle farmer in south Karnataka. “Where do they expect us to go in search of fodder?” Ranganna belongs to […]

Canada closes Cairo embassy for security reasons

OTTAWA – The Canadian Embassy in Cairo is closed until further notice because of security concerns. Foreign Affairs made the announcement on Twitter this morning and posted a one-line notice on the embassy website. Cairo has seen throngs of protesters in recent days demanding the ouster of embattled Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. The country’s military is demanding that Morsi meet the demands of the mass protest, with a 48-hour deadline […]

Hungary charges Nazi war crimes suspect

A 98-year-old top Nazi war crimes suspect, accused of overseeing thousands of Jewish deportations during World War II, has been charged with war crimes in Hungary, prosecutors said. Laszlo Csatary, who has been under house arrest since last year, is listed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center as its most-wanted alleged Nazi war criminal. The Nazi-hunting organisation says that Csatary was a senior Hungarian police officer in charge of the Kosice […]

Pakistan inmate Sanaullah Ranjay dies in India hospital

Doctors say Sanaullah Ranjay, who was in a coma, died of multi-organ failure at a hospital in India’s Chandigarh city early on Thursday. Ranjay suffered injuries in the attack at Kot Bhalwal jail in Jammu last week. He has been in prison for the past 17 years on militancy-related charges. “His condition was extremely critical. He died early morning,” a doctor at the hospital told the AFP news agency. Ranjay […]

North Korea removes missiles from launch site

North Korea has moved two missiles from launch sites on the country’s eastern coast, after weeks of concern that Pyongyang had been poised for a test-launch. A US defence official said on Monday that Washington did not believe the Musudan missiles had gone to an alternate launch site and that they were now believed to be in a non-operational location. The move coincided with preparations by US President Barack Obama […]