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What is Kundalini Yoga?

We, as human beings, as versions of the Universe experiencing itself, are always dwelling between our hearts and our minds; our divine and our human side, our body and our soul. The understanding of the fact that the divine rests within ourselves is crucial to our own happiness. In order to excel and to evolve beyond our primal needs, we need to search for solutions to remove this imbalance between […]

8 Amazing Spices and Their Medicinal Benefits

They say that an apple a day helps keep the doctor away, but in reality, herbs and spices contain more powerful disease fighting properties, vitamins, and nutrients than most fruits and vegetables. By simply spicing up your dishes, you could be adding years to your life, and warding off illnesses like the cancer, high blood pressure, and even the common cold. Moreover, spices taste great and they may prevent you […]

How insects could feed the food industry of tomorrow

Would you eat meat fed on maggots? Raising pigs, chickens and fish on insect larvae could change the way we farm animals, says Nic Fleming Millions of maggots squirm over blackened pieces of fruit and bloody lumps of fetid flesh. A pungent stench of festering decay hovers over giant vats of writhing, feasting larvae. It’s more than enough to put most people off their lunch. Yet these juvenile flies could […]

Twitter to take India election innovations global

US social networking company Twitter is planning to replicate parts of its India election strategy across countries that go to polls this year, after it emerged as a key tool for politicians and media companies during the world’s largest democratic exercise.  In India, Twitter Inc worked closely with politicians including the victor Narendra Modi who used the platform for election campaigning, and also partnered with mobile and media firms to […]

Red wine health benefits 'overhyped'

Red wine may not be as good for you as hoped, say scientists who have studied the drink’s ingredient that is purported to confer good health. The team tracked the health of nearly 800 villagers from the Chianti region of Italy to see if their local tipple had any discernable impact. They found no proof that the wine ingredient resveratrol stops heart disease or prolongs life. Experts say more research […]

Edible Water Bottle Could Save The Planet

Created by London-based industrial design students Rodrigo García González, Pierre Paslier, and Guillaume Couche, the Ooho is a blob-like water container made out of an edible algae membrane. The design is inspired by how liquid drops form and how egg yolks work. The container is created using a culinary technique called “spherification” and the water is held inside by a double gelatinous membrane. The gel around the water is created […]

Mont Blanc UK Social bookmark submitting Hegemonie Personality From People Within Hotel Profession

Why you should be this direction real estate involved with supervisors in Montblanc Meisterstuck Pencil UK your hotel field in these modern times can’t over estimated. Recent downturn in the economy tends to make hotels additional bit generally boosts it really is control may possibly take party guests in direction of doorway. Business owners who just exhibition positive direction character could make or destroy an organisation. Most of the leading […]

First Porsche revealed to be an electric car from 1898

This is the first Porsche-designed vehicle, which had been stored in an Austrian garage since 1902 Luxury automaker Porsche has revealed the first car designed by its founder was electric, in a show at its museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany. Ferdinand Porsche’s design was dubbed the Egger-Lohner electric vehicle C.2 Phaeton model, or the P1 for short. The car, made in 1898, was recently unearthed in an Austrian garage, where it […]

Excellent Nike Free Run & Hockey Shoes

You will discover several different various sneakers that a person can come up right from at the moment. Particular person can come up type betting on when they have fun with a real activity can’t. Close friends performances ball ideal for him or her might need to are Nike The game of basketball shoes and boots. Phil Knight discovered this company located in ’64. Effective business name became down the […]

North Carolina sheriff swaps Bonnie and Clyde-era ‘Tommy Guns’ for new arms

A North Carolina sheriff has pulled off a deal that should make everyone but the bad guys happy. When two vintage Thompson fully automatic submachine guns — better known as “Tommy Guns”– were discovered collecting dust in the Forsyth County armory, Sheriff William Schatzman immediately realized their value. They weren’t worth anything in the hands of his officers, but to a collector, it was like a law enforcement version of […]