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The problem for the world’s most expensive spice

The spice saffron, as well as being famously expensive, is packed with antioxidants. It is said to help combat depression and lower blood pressure, to soften your skin and hair and is essential in a broad range of dishes from Swedish buns to paella. So what’s stopping it becoming as fashionable as turmeric and cinnamon? Is it just its high price? In my palm I have five tiny strands, like […]

Nokia 8 phone launched – Features, availability and all you need to know

HMD Global, unveiled the Nokia 8 on Wednesday, hoping to cash in on rising consumer demand for high-quality audio and video features. The Android device is due to be out in September and will compete against Apple`s highly anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone and Samsung`s Galaxy Note 8 which is set to hit the market next week. With a suggested price tag of around 599 euros ($703), Nokia 8 sports a […]

Review: Hope in a Challenged Democracy by Ashwani Kumar

When a politician writes a book, readers like me perk up. The logic is simple; in an impervious political system like ours, only an insider account can reveal what goes on inside political parties, how the nation’s most consequential decisions are made, what is the pecking order and how the high-command culture plays out in real life. True that the accounts of politicians are one-sided, but they still give away […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: The Tale Of The Humble Khichdi

It is a rather wet morning in Mumbai. The typical monsoon day, pitter patter rain drops and dark grey clouds creating a dusk like a hue in the middle of the day. Almost instantly we decided it is a Khichdi day. No other food really do justice t the season. Traditionally in a Bengali household, Khichdi is undeniably the comfort food for the monsoon. Whether you have it with Tomato […]

Meet the 17-Year-Old Boy From Telangana Who Invented a Unique Device to Prevent Rape

I was 12 years old when the Delhi rape incident took place. I remember my mom joining the march for the Nirbhaya (meaning fearless) campaign with 500 people for several weeks to support the victim and her family. Curious about the protest, I asked my mom if I could come along one day. Soon, I started attending the protests every weekend. The more often I went, the more enraged I […]

Say hello to 'Dragon's Breath' – World's hottest chili pepper, so spicy it may even cause death!

Surpassing the ranks of the previous Guinness World Record holders – the ghost pepper, Naga Viper, Naga morich, the Trinidad moruga scorpion, the Carolina Reaper and all the other ‘hottest’ chili peppers you’ve ever heard of or tasted, scientists have accidentally given birth to the world’s hottest chili pepper! Dragon’s Breath – as it has been named – is so spicy that the consumption of even a single one may […]

A brief history and few facts you didn't know about ATMs

The ubiquitous automated teller machine (ATM) is turning 50 this year. It was on June 27, 1967, that the first ATM was opened to the public at a Barclays branch in a suburb of London. Let’s go through few ATM statistics, the machine’s history. Who invented the ATM? While John Shepherd-Barron is commonly believed to have come up with the idea for the ATM, others have contested it. Other teams […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Launched in India Starting Rs. 9,999: Variants, Release Date, and More

Xiaomi India on Thursday launched Redmi Note 4, which it touted as its first big launch in country this year, in three variants. The new Xiaomi smartphone will be exclusively available in India on Flipkart, along with Mi.com. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 will go on sale in the country starting 12pm on Monday on the two e-commerce websites. In India, the company has introduced the smartphone in Gold, Grey, and […]

12 Amazing Cucumber Juice Benefits for Your Skin, Hair and Overall Health

Ever wanted to find a magical elixir that can improve your overall health and give you that glow you’ve always wanted? Presenting: Cucumber juice. Shilpa Arora (Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and certified Macrobiotic Health Coach) says, “Cucumber juice is packed with nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin, B-6, folate, pantothenic acid, iron, silica, calcium and zinc.” That’s perhaps why actress Liv Tyler swears by drinking cucumber juice to […]

Lost in Terror: Voices of many women, penned by one

There have been many books depicting the Kashmir issue from a man’s perspective but hardly any from the women’s point of view. Kashmir is on the boil; the “Azadi” chant reverberates from every corner; normal life is at a halt. A young, educated, career-oriented woman’s life gets entangled amidst all this. The result is Nayeema Mahjoor’s debut book “Lost in Terror” (Penguin, Rs 299, pp 305). There have been many […]