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Flipkart Billion Capture Smartphone launching Today

Flipkart Billion Capture Smartphone launching Today The Billion Capture+ smartphone is supported by F1 Info Solutions, which is now owned by Flipkart. Smartphone is one of the biggest categories for Flipkaryt, which is locked in a fierce battle with US-based Amazon for leadership in the booming Indian e-commerce market. Billion Capture+ phone was launched in two variants — one with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, while the second […]

GST latest- Items tax slab slashed

GST latest- Items tax slab slashed Here are the items on which tax slabs have been slashed after the lasted GST council meeting: 28% to 18% Wires, conductors, insulators, electrical plugs and switches, fuses, connectors Board and panels, Consoles Particle and fibreboards, Plywood Furniture and bedding mattress Vanity cases, trunks and suitcases, travelling bags and handbags Washing detergent Liquid detergent Shower gels and creams Shampoos and hair dyes Shaving cream, […]

Delhi under the blanket of Air Pollution

Delhi under the blanket of Air Pollution Delhi, yet another time, has become a gas chambers, worsening things for the residents. With the blanket of air pollution covering Delhi, all private and state-run Junior Schools will be closed today on November 8. Children will not be permitted in any outdoor activity, even the morning assemblies. The Delhi Government even announced that people should avoid walking out in the morning as […]

The Appleby leak Latest Revelations of the Paradise Papers

The Appleby leak Latest Revelations of the Paradise Papers It has been almost one year since the Panama Papers were leaked, unraveling the world’s biggest finance holders. Today, a new form of data has been leaked by an offshore law firm- Appleby. The leak has lead to the exposure of wealthy individuals, which also includes many Indians, big corporations around the world, various hedge funds, and others who have evaded […]

India welcomes Apple iPhone X

India welcomes Apple iPhone X The Apple iPhone X has arrived now in India. The new X series would be available to pre-order a week before its official release date is the 3rd of November. The new entrants in the market- iPhone 8 and 8 plus, the other two ends of this ‘Apple’ triangle have been available for a month now. While the final end of this triangle will be […]

Planning to buy the JioPhone? It may not be as affordable as you think

Reliance last week announced shipping of its smart feature phone, JioPhone, to consumers who had pre-booked the device last month. The JioPhone gained a wide attention for its smartphone-like features including 4G VoLTE compatibility and voice-based browser. In a bid to tap consumers in smaller towns and rural areas of the country, Reliance Jio priced the device at Rs 1,500. Moreover, the price could be refunded after three years of […]

The problem for the world’s most expensive spice

The spice saffron, as well as being famously expensive, is packed with antioxidants. It is said to help combat depression and lower blood pressure, to soften your skin and hair and is essential in a broad range of dishes from Swedish buns to paella. So what’s stopping it becoming as fashionable as turmeric and cinnamon? Is it just its high price? In my palm I have five tiny strands, like […]

Nokia 8 phone launched – Features, availability and all you need to know

HMD Global, unveiled the Nokia 8 on Wednesday, hoping to cash in on rising consumer demand for high-quality audio and video features. The Android device is due to be out in September and will compete against Apple`s highly anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone and Samsung`s Galaxy Note 8 which is set to hit the market next week. With a suggested price tag of around 599 euros ($703), Nokia 8 sports a […]

Review: Hope in a Challenged Democracy by Ashwani Kumar

When a politician writes a book, readers like me perk up. The logic is simple; in an impervious political system like ours, only an insider account can reveal what goes on inside political parties, how the nation’s most consequential decisions are made, what is the pecking order and how the high-command culture plays out in real life. True that the accounts of politicians are one-sided, but they still give away […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: The Tale Of The Humble Khichdi

It is a rather wet morning in Mumbai. The typical monsoon day, pitter patter rain drops and dark grey clouds creating a dusk like a hue in the middle of the day. Almost instantly we decided it is a Khichdi day. No other food really do justice t the season. Traditionally in a Bengali household, Khichdi is undeniably the comfort food for the monsoon. Whether you have it with Tomato […]