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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a man competing in the High Diving World Championships dressed as Superman

Michal Navratil dreamed he could fly like his favourite cartoon hero Superman when he was a child So when he took part in the High Diving World Championships he chose to jump wearing the man of steel’s cape The stunt was captured on camera and has become an internet hit When professional diver Michal Navratil was a boy he dreamed he could fly like his favourite cartoon hero Superman. So […]

Woman survives 12 days in the wilds of Canada

STORY HIGHLIGHTS The 25-year-old woman escaped an attack and vanished Her family says she is recovering, but still in bad shape A man is charged with aggravated assault, sexual assault, obstructing an officer The family of a 25-year-old Canadian woman, who authorities say survived 12 days in the bush, said Thursday she is recovering but still in bad shape. Before reappearing last week, she was last seen on July 14 […]

Millionaire gay fathers to sue the Church of England for not allowing them to get married in the church

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow said that he wants to marry partner Tony in a church Said that the only way forward is to challenge the church in court It is a test for Cameron’s promise to the CofE and Roman Catholic bishops Said that no church would be forced to conduct same-sex weddings Barrie and Tony now have five children through surrogate mothers The first legal challenge to the Church of England’s […]

Lured to her death: Pregnant wife fakes illness to trick Chinese girl, 17, into helping her home 'where she was drugged, raped and murdered by her husband who wanted to have sex with a virgin'

A 17-year-old Chinese girl was allegedly raped and murdered after helping a pregnant woman who faked an illness to lure her to her husband so he could have sex with a virgin. Intern nurse Hu Yixuan passed by the expectant mother who had pretended to collapse in the street in Jiamusi city in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. She accompanied the woman, named locally as Tan, to her home where she […]

Mother found guilty of murdering son, 4, after subjecting him to six months of starvation and cruelty

•Daniel Pelka, four, died after sustaining massive blow to the head •Mother Magdalena Luczak and partner Mariusz Krezolek had denied murder •Daniel was forced to scavenge food from school bins in the final weeks of his life because he was so hungry •He was ‘imprisoned’ in a tiny box room and forced to sleep on an old mattress in a room which stank or urine A mother and stepfather who […]

'It is like we're losing another of our babies': Mother's grief as daughter faces court for killing her sister in car crash just months after her brother died in Afghanistan

•Angie Stone’s soldier son Gregg was killed last year in Afghanistan •Her daughter Jennie was tragically killed in a car crash this February •Now her other daughter Rosie-Ann is being prosecuted for the crash •Devastated Mrs Stone says she is trapped in a ‘bad, bad dream A mother has described how she is living in a ‘bad, bad dream’ after her daughter was told she would be prosecuted for killing […]

First came the dramatic discovery of the long-lost remains of King Richard III.

Now, there’s the mystery of the coffin within the coffin. Archaeologists working at the site in central England where Richard III’s body was found underneath a parking lot are currently puzzling over a sealed lead coffin containing the remains of a yet-to-be-identified person. The lead coffin was found encased in a larger stone coffin. The smaller coffin is intact “except for a hole at one end of the casket through […]

My year of hell behind bars in Bali's Hotel K: Convent girl convicted over £1.6m cocaine bust reveals vicious beatings drove her to breaking point...but was she a drug baron’s moll or the innocent she claims to be?

Rachel Dougall was sentenced to 12 months for failing to report a crime She was jailed in Bali’s notorious and squalid Kerobokan Prison Dougall has spoken publicly for the first time after returning to Britain Mother-of-one has told how she suffered a nervous breakdown in prison Cowering on a wafer-thin floor mat in an Indonesian prison, Rachel Dougall could do little but cover her face with her hands as a […]

Olympic swimming hopeful, 16, dies from undiagnosed heart defect just hours after celebrating winning awards

•Chloe Waddell died after suffering from an undiagnosed serious heart defect •Had been training four times a week in hope of making 2016 Rio team •She had a heart almost twice the normal size for a girl her age, experts said •The night before her death she became unwell after drinking alcohol • Combination of her natural disease process and alcohol consumption resulted in her having cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac […]

Doctors had to remove my ears to fix my face: Model obsessed with plastic surgery reveals how her 'drag queen' looks had to go after her daughter threatened to leave

Ex-glamour model Alicia Douvall, 34, had 350 procedures costing £1.5m ‘I had turned myself into a Frankenstein. I looked like a bad drag queen’ Eldest daughter Georgia, 18, said ‘stop having surgery or I’ll leave home’ Alicia underwent risky nine-hour restorative operation costing £25,000 Had horrific cheek implants removed and frozen smile restored ‘My nose had to be cut off to lift my lip to get my smile back’ It […]