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Will we ever bring the dead back to life?

Understanding the processes governing death is helping experts try to halt and reverse it. It’s also challenging our ideas about the nature of death itself. Zach Conrad died on a lovely Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia. It was 3 June 2012, and the 36-year-old financial analyst had decided to take a solo bike ride, as he often did on weekends. As the ride progressed, however, Conrad sensed that something was wrong. […]

Does a full moon make people mad?

Belief in the Moon’s power over us is widespread, and the basis of the word lunacy. Claudia Hammond examines whether science can shed any light on the ancient myth. We all know a full moon is supposed to bring werewolves and vampires out into the open. Belief in its power to drive us mere mortals a little mad is ancient and widespread. Such notions even gave rise to the word […]

Peek-a-boo: A window on baby's brain

A baby’s first smile is an exciting moment. But what can it tell us about their understanding of the world? Boasting about the speed of childhood development is the sport of choice for many a doting parent. From the 12-week scan right through the early years, monitoring the physical and mental progress of their pride and joy is a source of both excitement and concern. Especially rewarding is the onset […]

Juno: The spacecraft putting sling theory to the test

Why a probe passing our planet on its way to Jupiter might end a decades-old mystery, and reveal something completely new about gravity. You may not see it, but sometime today, a spacecraft whizzing 350 miles (560km) above Earth is going to use our planet to slingshot its way towards another one. In the process, a group of scientists are hoping the craft will help reveal a mystery that has […]

What is the Higgs boson and why is it important?

Scientists say they have proven the existence of the Higgs boson — a never-before-seen subatomic particle long thought to be a fundamental building block of the universe. Since 2012 researchers have made great strides in the hunt for the so-called “God particle” at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, where scientists at the CERN particle physics laboratory are looking for particles that slip into existence when subatomic particles crash […]


Face to face with great whites to solve '450-million-year mystery'

TORY HIGHLIGHTS Meet Ocearch, a gutsy team of scientists and sailors examining sharks close-up Researchers haul great whites on board ship as part of investigation into living habits Attach $10,000 worth of equipment to feared creatures, expected to last five years   Cape Cod, Massachusetts (CNN) — When coming face to face with the monstrous jaws of a great white shark, you’d probably want to be armed with more than […]

Satellites reveal new views of Pakistan's 'Earthquake Island'

In Pic :An image from the Pleiades satellite shows a small island of mud and rock created by the huge earthquake that hit southwest Pakistan. The island is about 60 to 70 feet (18 to 21 meters) high and more than 500 feet (150 meters) in diameter. It sits about 650 feet from the coast. Earth performed the ultimate magic trick last week, making an island appear out of nowhere. […]


Can your cell phone bring down a plane?

] STORY HIGHLIGHTS Almost one-third of air travelers say they left on a portable electronic device during flight An upcoming report may lead to looser rules on such devices on planes Not under consideration: airborne use of cell phones for voice communication You left your cell phone on during a flight, didn’t you? Maybe it was accidental, or maybe it was out of sheer contempt for a rule you believe […]


Revealed: How to use the new Apple iOS 7 features which users have slammed as too 'difficult and unfamiliar'

Apple’s iOS 7 has been slammed on social media for being difficult to use Users complained about Android-style menus and updated app problems Many of the iOS 7 features are completely new, with some hidden away After thousands of Apple users struggled to download the latest iOS 7 operating system yesterday, conversation on social media has turned to how difficult the software is to use once it is successfully installed. […]