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Yahoo buying Tumblr for $1.1 billion, vows not to screw it up

The deal, announced on Monday, is a bold bet by Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer to revitalize the company by co-opting a Web property with strong visitor traffic but little revenue. The combination of Yahoo and Tumblr creates an online powerhouse with roughly one billion users, which will draw in more advertisers and help Yahoo keep visitors on its properties for longer periods of time, Mayer told Reuters in an […]

Atari Breakout turns 37; play the iconic game in Google Image Search

Commemorating the 37th anniversary of the popular video game “Breakout”, Google has come up with an easter egg that lets you play the old “Breakout” game – developed by Atari in 1976 – right inside the Google Image Search. To play the game, go to Google Image Search and enter “atari breakout” into the search bar. On hitting enter, you won’t be given images to browse through, instead a playable […]

How hackers allegedly stole “unlimited” amounts of cash from banks in just hours

Federal authorities have accused eight men of participating in 21st-Century Bank heists that netted a whopping $45 million by hacking into payment systems and eliminating withdrawal limits placed on prepaid debit cards. The eight men formed the New York-based cell of an international crime ring that organized and executed the hacks and then used fraudulent payment cards in dozens of countries to withdraw the loot from automated teller machines, federal […]

Hackers attack Russian media outlets

Several media outlets in Russia’s St. Petersburg city, and a popular online news broadcaster, Dozhd (Rain), came under hacker attack Thursday. “There has been a DDoS attack going since (Thursday) morning. Our IT service is doing everything possible to get the site back up and running. This is a very serious attack,” said the editor-in-chief of the St. Petersburg-based online newspaper Fontaka.ru. Other sites affected include Novaya Gazeta and Ekho […]

Breakthrough in solar efficiency by UNSW team ahead of its time

Australian scientists have found a way of hugely increasing the efficiency of solar panels while substantially reducing their cost. The University of NSW researchers have come up with improvements in photovoltaic panel design that had not been expected for another decade. This has really got the industry very excited The breakthrough involves using hydrogen atoms to counter defects in silicon cells used in solar panels. As a consequence, poor quality […]

Malawi’s mane event heralds a fresh dawn

Despite its high density of leopards, Malawi could previously only lay claim to a few itinerant lions in southerly Liwonde National Park. The solitary male, known as Titus, was as elusive as the literary character after which he was named; spotted in 2007 he went to ground until 2010, only to be seen once more before disappearing in 2011. Not much of a reason for big cat buffs or travellers […]

Indian naval officers face dismissal over Facebook posts

New Delhi: Three Indian navy officers are to be dismissed from service over their Facebook updates which reportedly included details about where their vessels were docked, an official said on Thursday. The Navy has recommended the discharge of the officers for “violating information security” after a high-level internal probe was conducted, a navy spokesman said. “The board of inquiry has recommended disciplinary action against three officers. Action for their termination […]

U.S. Department of Labor Hacking Incident Suspends Website

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — A U.S. Department of Labor spokesman confirms one of its websites is offline after being targeted by hackers. “A DOL program appeared to be compromised,” says a statement released by the agency. “The website was immediately taken offline and the Department began working with appropriate internal and external authorities to investigate.” At this time there is no evidence of compromise to or loss of DOL information nor […]

Neglected cold dissolves ear bone, affects brain

MUMBAI: The common cold can, at times, have an uncommon effect: complete loss of hearing. Bhusawal resident Chandrakant Tupe found this out after ignoring his chronic cold for two years. On Saturday, doctors at Bhatia Hospital in Tardeo operated on 32-year-old Tupe and removed the diseased remains of his left ear. “We can say that common cold or an upper respiratory tract infection cost him his hearing,” said ENT surgeon […]