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Concussions affect women differently than men, says study

A recent study has found that concussions affect men and women differently. Researchers at Rutgers School of Health Professions – with the assistance of Rutgers Athletics – are working on two studies investigating these answers to better prevent concussions and improve recovery time. The first study, ‘Neurocognitive Function in Varsity Athletes,’ which assesses male and female Rutgers University-Newark varsity athletes pre and post-season as well as post-concussion – is among […]

Fenugreek Water Benefits: 5 Reasons to Drink This Up Every Morning

Ayurveda is a goldmine of health benefiting ingredients. Many of them can also be used in myriad ways to arrive at potions and concoctions to tackle some of the severest of ailments. The potency of herb-infused waters is unquestionable. Herbs and ingredients like cumin seeds and carom seeds have long been put to use by soaking these overnight and consuming the water the first in the morning. The humble methi […]

12 Amazing Healing Benefits of Drinking Water in a Copper Vessel

Water is the most essential element to sustain life on this planet. 70 per cent of human body is made up of water. You may have not known this but in ancient times, our ancestors and even our grandmothers followed the practice of storing water in containers made of copper. Their aim was probably to safeguard drinking water but there’s more to the story. In today’s modern world where we […]

Bet You Didn't Know About These Health Benefits Of Popcorn

Heading for a movie? The first thing that pops in your mind is to grab a large-sized bucket of buttery popcorn that you can enjoy throughout the movie. But a whole lot of unhealthy add-ons like butter and cheese have given this snack a bad rep. Heads up! Those little light-weight kernels can give you whole lot of health benefits. But they go unrecognized most of the time. As compared […]

Let’s talk prostate

Do you feel the need to urinate constantly? Do you feel that your bladder is not completely empty? You are not alone in your suffering. Seventy per cent of men between 50 and 65 years of age start experiencing these problems. This is because the prostrate, which is a part of the male reproductive system, gets enlarged after 50 years of age. As the prostrate grows in size, it tightens […]

This Japanese Water Therapy is the Key to Losing Weight and Staying Healthy!

Water is an essential part of our lives and it is one of the basic elements required for human survival. It is often advised that one must drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day to flush out all the toxins and to help it to function properly. Some nutritionists also advise that is great to start you day with a glass of warm water, lime and […]

The 'Christian Numerologist' Whose Biblical Doomsday Claim Has Some Nervously Eyeing Sept. 23

David Meade, the self-described “specialist in research and investigations,” has earned a fair amount of publicity online for predicting that catastrophic events will soon befall Earth. Among his claims: On Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, a constellation – a sign prophesied in the Book of Revelation – will reveal itself in the skies over Jerusalem, signaling the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Meade believes that […]

Mercury not so hot as thought? Data from NASA’s ‘MESSENGER’ spots icy deposits on scorching planet

The first thought to cross one’s mind on a mention of planet Mercury is its blistering daytime temperature of up to 800 degree F (427 degree Celsius) because of its proximity to the Sun. However, new research has indicated that there may be more ice on Mercury’s scorching surface than thought. Scientists in their study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, claim to have found evidence of frozen water […]

Is it hard to quit smoking? Running can help you get rid of it

Finding it hard to quit the habit of smoking? A study has claimed that running can help you get rid of this bad habit and save your health. The study, led by researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC), evaluated Run to Quit — a national initiative targeting smoking cessation through group-based running clinics. The results showed that half (50.8 per cent) of the people who completed a 10-week […]

5 Amazing Barley Water Benefits: Drink Up This Elixir to Good Health

An ancient remedy or an elixir to good health, barley water is an incredible beverage that our ancestors included in their daily diet since the dawn of civilisation. The power grain barley, which our generation commonly associates with beer, has long been used to make cereals, as a substitute to rice and to dish out other delicacies intrinsic to various regional cuisines. While we now marvel at one of the […]