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Here are 7 ways to boost immunity during monsoon using tea

Tea is an integral part of Indian culture and society for a long time. It is valued for its medicinal properties, as well as enjoyed as a beverage. Cold, cough, flu, fever, pneumonia are some common diseases that spread during the monsoon season, so here are seven immunity boosting tea to sip to beat the flu: Herbal Tea It is one of the most universally appreciated beverages consumed to enhance […]

Brachytherapy can now reduce treatment time for breast cancer

A new form of treatment, Brachytherapy can now reduce treatment time for breast cancers. The technique involves the insertion of radioactive implants directly into the cancer cell tissue. As for treatment, breast-conserving surgery followed by radiation therapy and hormonal treatment/chemotherapy depending on the type of cancer is the standard care for newly diagnosed breast cancer in elderly women. ‘External radiation therapy lasting 4-6 weeks involves 21 to 31 sittings. But, […]

How to overcome negative thinking and depression: Here's the answer

Today, we bring you five powerful tips to overcome negative thoughts and embrace positive thinking. No person in life is happy-go-lucky all the time. Lot of times, we need motivation and positivity to beat our depression and move forward in life. Because in tough times, all we tend to see is hurdles on our path. In such situations, our brain doesn’t work or response and we just want to give […]

Mobile apps sharing usernames, passwords, credit card details with third parties: Study

Some popular smartphone apps may be secretly taking screenshots of your activity and sending them to third parties, a study has found. This is particularly disturbing because these screenshots – and videos of your activity on the screen – could include usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other important personal information, researchers said. “We found that thousands of popular apps have the ability to record your screen and anything you […]

Everything you need to know about iron deficiency – the underrated health hazard

Do you sleep well and yet feel drowsy through the day? Do you eat well and yet feel lethargic? Do your Monday blues spill through the week? If the answer is yes, the concern may be much deeper than you think it is. Today, our time pressed lives lead us to missing out on our essential daily nutritional intake resulting in numerous deficiencies. The sad reality is that most of […]

"Holy Cancer - How A Cow Saved My Life"

Life was a dream for Amit Vaidya, who soared high financially and professionally till he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 27. Amit Vaidya lived the American dream. A Gujarati, born and brought up in the US, with a Ph.D. in economics, he worked in the entertainment industry’s business department. “It was an active but not a healthy lifestyle as I was an overachiever,” says Amit. His dreams “were […]

German student invents an airbag for your phone: a case that detects when it's falling and deploys springs to prevent breaks

The active dampening (AD) phone case, patented by German student Philip Frenzel, is a slim alternative to bulky phone cases, but comes with a nifty trick. So far it’s only a prototype – but the AD case can detect when the phone is falling and protract springs to make the phone bounce when it hits the ground, which should prevent any scratches or cracks on flat surfaces. Once you pick […]

Men growing up in challenging environments likely to have low testosterone levels: Study

Men’s testosterone levels are largely determined by their environment during childhood, a study has found. The researchers from Durham University suggest that men who grow up in more challenging conditions where there are lots of infectious diseases, for example, are likely to have lower testosterone levels in later life than those who spend their childhood in healthier environments. The study, published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, challenges the […]

India’s First Robotic Telescope at Ladakh Opens Its Eyes To the Universe!

Called GROWTH-India, the facility at Hanle is part of a multi-country collaborative initiative known as ‘Global Relay of Observatories Watching Transients Happen’ (GROWTH) to observe transient events in the universe. India’s newest telescope has started observing the skies. The telescope located at the Indian Astronomical Observatory (IAO) at Hanle in Ladakh is the country’s first robotic telescope and the first one designed to observe dynamic or transient events in the […]

Daily yoga practice improves sperm quality: AIIMS study

A daily yoga routine significantly improve sperm quality, according to a study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The study, which was published in Nature Review Urology, an international medical journal, early this year, was conducted by experts in the Department of Anatomy at AIIMS in collaboration with the Department of Urology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The major cause of defective sperm function is DNA damage. […]