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Secret life may be under warm Antarctic caves, say scientists

A secret life comprising of animals, plants and many unknown species may be in warm caves under Antarctica’s glaciers, say scientists. The study led by Australian National University (ANU) found that around Mount Erebus, an active volcano on Ross Island in Antarctica, steam has hollowed out extensive cave systems. Forensic analyses of soil samples from these caves have revealed intriguing traces of DNA from algae, mosses and small animals, researchers […]

10 Effective Ways To Cleanse Your Body

Junk food, alcohol, pollution – your body battles numerous toxins on a daily basis. Fortunately, it’s got a great detoxification system in place. Your skin, your immune system, and your intestines work to eliminate, screen, or protect you from harmful substances. Your liver helps to metabolize nutrients like zinc and copper and neutralize dangerous metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium. And of course, your kidneys filter out toxic waste materials.1 […]

Schizophrenia: Scientists find way of attacking debilitating symptom of disease

A recent study has offered a promising entry point for attacking a near-universal and debilitating symptom of schizophrenia, memory deficits, which has thus far withstood all forms of treatment. The Columbia scientists found that disruptions to the brain’s centre for spatial navigation, its internal GPS, result in some of the severe memory deficits seen in schizophrenia. The study in mouse models of the disorder marks the first time that schizophrenia’s […]

Here's how you can keep check on protein intake

Vegetarian diets are low on protein and need protein supplementation, while non-vegetarians have a fairly good protein intake for a not-so-active lifestyle. Experts suggest people must keep a check on protein intake for better growth. Sanjay Tiwari, Founder and CEO of Brio Capputeino has doled out tips on how one can take care of excessive protein intake: * There are various ways to keep track of one’s protein intake. Following […]

Improve eyesight naturally with these simple tips

Today, there are very few career options that do not involve using a computer screen or a personal electronic device for long hours.Add to that, there are so many day-to-day transactions, which we do online using our laptops or mobile devices. And finally, most of us wind up our days with our favorite shows on TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime.While all of this sounds very convenient and pleasurable, two vital […]

Yoga Or Zumba? Which One Is Better For You?

Both yoga and Zumba are a great source of losing calories and toning your body. But, which one is apt for you? This entirely depends on your discretion and body type. What is it that you are aiming for? If your main aim is only to lose weight as soon as possible, Latin-based dance Zumba is your thing. But, if you plan to increase your body’s flexibility and indulge in […]

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Roasted Chana Dal

Roasted gram / pottukadala is a very popular snack in India. Roasted gram is known by various names across India like pottukdalai, pottukadala, porikadala etc. Like all the other varieties of legumes, roasted gram is also rich in protein, fiber, minerals and fatty acids. Roasted gram is very low in calorie and rich in iron. Here are 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Roasted Chana Dal. 1. Reduces digestive problems High […]

5 Ways To Stop Snoring Naturally

  Considering the fact that recent studies have shown that over half of the population in The United States snores, I am sure that you know how annoying it can be. Whether you are the one snoring, or the one getting no sleep, you can certainly understand what we are talking about here. You may not think that it is a big deal, but you will be sorry if you […]

Why you need to take vitamin D deficiency seriously

It is quite surprising that despite being a tropical country where sunlight reigns most time of the year, 70 per cent of India’s population is deficient in the sunlight vitamin, vitamin D. The sources of the vitamin are also not that meager and still an alarmingly high percentage of Indian population suffers from a lack of the vitamin. To understand what vitamin D deficiency can do to a person, we […]

Eight foods that (nearly) last forever

The news that, after 106 years, Captain Scott’s fruitcake was found by the Antarctic Heritage Trust and “smelled edible”, raises the question: are there other foods that have similar staying power? The answer is, yes, several. 1. Honey In 2015, archaeologists reported that they’d found 3,000-year-old honey while excavating tombs in Egypt, and it was perfectly edible. This durability is thanks to the unique features of honey: it is low […]