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Zero rupee network? 4 Bangalore boys offer free phone calls without internet

Bangalore,India : Imagine making phone calls for hours without having to pay a penny, even when you do not have an internet connection. It is possible now due to an ambitious startup with a 23-year-old chief executive that is still in its early days. The catch: you have to listen to advertisements every two minutes. Even as free voice chats over the Internet using applications like Skype and Viber revolutionise […]

Is a great white shark heading for BRITAIN? Killer fish spotted just 1,000 miles off the Cornish coast - and it could arrive in 3 DAYS

Lydia, a satellite-tagged 15ft, 2,000lb great white, is currently 1,000 miles from the coast of Cornwall and Ireland She has swam 380 miles in 72 hours and is near the mid-Atlantic ridge If she swims over the mid-Atlantic range she will be the first recorded great white to cross the Atlantic They are the undisputed predators of the ocean, armed with razor-sharp teeth, capable of reaching speeds of 35mph – […]

Clue to earthquake lightning mystery

Strange glowing orbs were seen in the sky during the Fukushima earthquake Mysterious lightning flashes that appear to precede earthquakes could be sparked by movements in the ground below, US scientists say. Unidentified glowing objects were spotted moments before major quakes in China and Italy recently. These flickers could be triggered by shifting soil layers which generate huge electrical charge, say scientists. Using a tub of plain kitchen flour, they […]

HIV gene therapy using GM cells hailed a success after trial

Radical treatment helps patients’ defences against virus by replacing immune cells with genetically modified versions Scientists were cautious not to draw strong conclusions from the small scale trial, which was designed to assess the safety of the therapy, but the early signs have raised their hopes. Photograph: Geostock/Getty ImagesA radical gene therapy to combat HIV using genetically modified cells that are resistant to the virus has been declared a success […]

Risks to Bone Health in Treating Chronic Disease in Younger Patients

Secondary osteoporosis is a risk with celiac disease, cancer, reflux medicines and after bariatric surgery Osteoporosis, a loss of bone strength that raises the risk of fractures, is one of the most common and crippling ailments associated with aging in women. Increasingly, it is striking younger patients who have a host of other medical problems. Researchers call it secondary osteoporosis. They are identifying a growing list of factors that contribute […]

Asteroid passing Earth will be closer than moon

An asteroid is headed this way. But even though it will come closer than the moon, astronomers say it will pose no danger. The newly discovered asteroid, called 2014 DX110, will hurtle between the moon and Earth on Wednesday. DX110 will pass an estimated 217,000 miles from Earth. That’s approximately nine-tenths of the distance between the moon and Earth. The asteroid is an estimated 45 to 130 feet across. Relatively […]


Proof That The Pineal Gland Is Literally A 3rd Eye

Is it possible that you literally have a third eye that connects you to spiritual dimensions?  The pineal gland is something that is spoken of the in the New Age community as being the intuition organ and the connection point between body and spirit, but very few people realize that the pineal gland is in fact a literal eye. The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland in the exact geometric […]


Conversations under the effects of anesthesia are hilarious

Oh yes, another video of some poor schmuck being filmed while he is just ‘out to lunch’ after surgery. And by ‘out-to-lunch,’ I mean completely twisted from the effects of the anesthesia. In November of last year, 22-year-old Ben Salzman had to have routine surgery involving anesthesia at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina. This hilarious video shows what happened when he woke up in the hospital, still under […]

You Think You Know Animals… Til You See Them Under An X-Ray. The Penguin Shocked Me.

If you own a pet, you’re probably very comfortable with them. Your dog, cat, rabbit or snake is most likely named something like “Fluffy” or “Captain Hammer.” You’re comfortable with Captain Hammer, in fact, you could pick him out of a lineup. But what if I told you that perhaps you don’t know your beloved pet as well as you think you do? Just check out these pictures. You may […]

Incredible microscopic beauty of snowflakes captured

Polar vortex got you down? Arctic outflows and wind chills wearing away at your patience and have you cursing this brutal winter season? Well, this video from Vyacheslav Ivanov might help you see that snow isn’t so bad … when there’s only one flake … and you’re looking at it under a microscope … in a lab … rather than sitting on your driveway, sidewalks and roadways with a few […]