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FDA warns against excessive aspirin use

The FDA is now reporting that aspirin use raises serious health risks like bleeding in the brain and internal bleeding of the stomach. The agency stated that aspirin may benefit those who have already had a stroke but said they did not support the drug’s use for preventing a heart attack or stroke. Germany-based Bayer AG had recently requested to label aspirin as “heart attack prevention.” The FDA denied the […]

Liberal immigrations norms make Canada new destination for techies

With US tech visas getting more difficult for Indians, Canada is the new destination. For Indian techie entrepreneurs and even venture capitalists, Canada is making it easier to make it their home. Canada’s immigration minister Chris Alexander told TOI in a conversation, “We are telling all brilliant young technology minds, ‘if you can get Canadian venture capital, or an angel investor to back you with funds or just with their […]

Earth — Population 29 billion: Contrary to popular belief that may be a good thing

The more that the global population increases, the better off that the people of the planet will be Up, up, up! The world’s population, a mere 2.5 billion in 1950, almost doubled by 1980 and today, at 7.3 billion, has almost tripled The good news doesn’t end there, though. Until recently, the population experts at the United Nations projected that the world’s population could peak at 8 billion as soon […]

The Best Business Book I’ve Ever Read-Bill Gates

Not long after I first met Warren Buffett back in 1991, I asked him to recommend his favorite book about business. He didn’t miss a beat: “It’s Business Adventures, by John Brooks,” he said. “I’ll send you my copy.” I was intrigued: I had never heard of Business Adventures or John Brooks. Today, more than two decades after Warren lent it to me—and more than four decades after it was […]

A Remote Control Contraceptive Chip Could Soon Change The Game For Birth Control

In Massachusetts, researchers have developed a contraceptive computer chip that can be implanted under a woman’s skin and release a small dose of levonorgestrel every day for 16 years. The release can be stopped at any time using a wireless remote control. It works by storing tiny reservoirs of the levonorgestrel within the device, where a small electric charge melts a seal around the hormone and prompts the release of […]

Germany celebrate World Cup triumph over Argentina as Angela Merkel congratulates country's goal hero 'super' Mario Götze(some light moments only)

Mario Götze scores for Germany in extra time, taking his team to a fourth World Cup title Germany the first European side to win the trophy in South America, winning the World Cup for fourth time World Cup final between Germany and Argentina kicked off at 8pm at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro Pre-match closing ceremony featured performances by Shakira and Carlos Santana Famous trophy was brought into […]

I'm gay, says former Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe

Five-time Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay in an interview on Australian television. The 31-year-old told British journalist Sir Michael Parkinson on Channel 10: “I’ve thought about this for a long time. I’m not straight.” Thorpe had previously denied he was gay and wrote in his 2012 autobiography ‘This Is Me’ that he was heterosexual. Australia’s most decorated swimmer has suffered from depression and was in […]

Gunmen kill at least 33, including 29 women, in attack on Baghdad compound (Iraq)

BAGHDAD — Iraqi police say gunmen have killed at least 33 people, including 29 women, in a raid on two buildings in a housing complex in Baghdad. Police officials say the gunmen showed up in four-wheel drive vehicles before storming the buildings in the Zayounah neighbourhood in eastern Baghdad. They say at least 18 people were wounded. Police have cordoned off the area. An Interior Ministry official and hospital officials […]

Amazing Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat

Every other person on this planet wants to lose belly fat! Yes it is this great an issue. Belly fat not only gives you an ugly look but can be dangerous for your health too. The visceral fat or the fat around your abdomen can lead to diabetes, heart diseases, stroke as well as dementia. When it comes to lose abdominal fat, the right foods are a necessity. They detox […]

Naked selfies extracted from 'factory reset' phones

Thousands of pictures including “naked selfies” have been extracted from factory-wiped phones by a Czech Republic-based security firm. The firm, called Avast, used publicly available forensic security tools to extract the images from second-hand phones bought on eBay. Other data extracted included emails, text messages and Google searches. Experts have warned that the only way to completely delete data is to “destroy your phone”. Most smartphones come with a “factory […]