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ISIS recruiting Indian Muslim youths to fight in Iraq, Syria?

New Delhi: In what could be a warning bell for the security agencies in India, reports have emerged that the dreaded Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group have been recruiting youths from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir to fight in Iraq, Syria and other places in the Middle East. As per reports, over hundred youths may have joined the jihadist militant group as of now […]

Cambodian rat meat: A growing export market

A unique harvest is under way in the rice fields of Cambodia where tens of thousands of wild rats are being trapped alive each day to feed a growing export market for the meat of rural rodents. Popularly considered a disease-carrying nuisance in many societies, the rice field rats, Rattus argentiventer, of this small South-East Asian nation are considered a healthy delicacy due to their free-range lifestyle and largely organic […]

Top 5 hidden benefits of spicy foods

Everyone loves a little spice now and then in their meals. Not only does it thrill the taste buds, but also makes food more palatable. But the fun of eating it apart, there are health benefits of tucking into food that might make you cry. Here are some of them… Weight loss: For one, that extra spice can also cause you to lose the flab. As per research, chillies have […]

ISIS captures major military air base in Syria using child suicide bomber

Jihadist fighters captured a major military air base in northeastern Syria on Sunday, removing the last government-held post in a province the extremists claim as part of their new “Islamic State.” The storming of Tabqa air field, a major government military facility containing several squadrons of planes, helicopters, tanks and artillery, is a significant victory for the Islamic State of the Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). “Some of the Syrian […]

Feedback Is Valuable

Information, comments or views about us through others’ eyes is ‘environmental feedback’. Our quality of life depends on how we take the feedback about ourselves from others.If we know how to handle this properly,then it will help to keep us on track on our life plan. It also helps us become wiser and saves us from various psychosomatic illnesses. On the surface, environmental feedback can be either pleasant or unpleasant […]

The myth of “no Canadian experience

Of all the “elephant in the room” stories (or myths) immigrants to Canada face, there is one that has been persistently used to signal some type of failure on the immigrants’ part: lack of Canadian experience. The reality is that all immigrants (to any country, not just Canada) lack experience from their new home; after all, they have never lived there before! While the phrase “lack of Canadian experience” can […]

Hitch-hiking robot ends 6,000km journey across Canada

A robot sent out to travel across Canada by hitch-hiking has completed its 6,000km (3,728-mile) trip – apparently in one piece. HitchBOT reached Canada’s Pacific coast at Victoria, British Columbia nearly three weeks after leaving Halifax in Nova Scotia, far away on the Atlantic coast, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports. “I’m on a boat,” one of HitchBOT’s last tweets says. “Well, a ferry to be exact. Victoria, I’m on my […]

Top 10 Foods to Cleanse the Colon

A large number of people who use detoxification of the body are interested in learning how to clean their colon. Colon may be the last and key to the digestive tract. It extracts water and salt from solid wastes. To possess a healthy digestive tract, then colon cleaning is essential. Additionally, it prevents cancer of the colon. Colon cleansing will remove all the rubbish that you have in your body, […]

Littlefoot the orphaned grizzly saved from starvation by B.C. pilot project

VANCOUVER – An orphaned, yearling grizzly dubbed Littlefoot is once again wandering free in the wilds of southeastern British Columbia, saved by a unique pilot project between the province and two animal welfare groups. The little bear weighed just under 13 kilograms when he was found in the spring after hibernating alone, following the death of his mother last fall. Although older than most bears accepted by the Northern Lights […]

Eye on Dragon, Vietnam renews lease of Indian oil blocks in South China Sea

NEW DELHI: Vietnam has renewed India’s lease of two oil blocks in the South China Sea for another year, on the eve of foreign minister Sushma Swaraj’s first visit to Hanoi next week. The move reaffirms India’s position as a continuing commercial stakeholder in a region where territorial disputes between southeast Asian nations and China have flared up recently. Swaraj will travel up to China for a meeting of the […]