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Ayurveda for Hair Fall: 10 Ayurveda Tips to Reduce Hair Fall

Losing hair often ? Whatever therapy you could be trying, all you need is to put in little effort and take care of your diet and lifestyle. And believe me, this could be all you need. Follow some simple Ayurveda recommendations so as to stay clear of  the malady of hair fall. 1.Try and avoid mental stress as much as possible. It is one of the basic causes of hair-fall. […]

Elephant Released After 50 Years of Being Chained Up Cries with Relief and Joy

These incredible pictures show the moment an elephant who was held in chains and beaten and abused for fifty years cried as he was released to freedom. Raju the elephant was left bleeding from spiked shackles and living on hand-outs from passing tourists after he was captured and tied up by his ‘owner’. But, after 50 years of torture, the animal cried tears of relief after he was rescued by […]

Nine lessons I learned from Silicon Valley

Cathy Han is the co-founder and CEO of 42 Technologies Inc., a predictive analytics platform that leverages point-of-sale data to provide customer insight for retailers. During the program I learned so much, and would like to share some of these insights with like-minded entrepreneurs 1.Endurance is a major predictor of long-term success: Many inspirational founders shared their stories, including the CEOs of Pinterest and AirBnB. Nobody had an easy road. […]

Top Four Ayurveda Brain Tonic Herbs: Enhance your Brain Powers Naturally

In this age of day-by-day increasing mental stress, strain and cut-throat competition, we are finding it more and more difficult to cope with the pressures of day to day life. Ayurveda claims at not only increasing the powers of the brain but also at keeping the mental diseases away, along with helping to cure them desirably. It is believed that a number of the diseases have their root in the […]

US returns stolen Matisse painting to Venezuela

A painting by the French artist Henri Matisse, stolen more than a decade ago, has been handed back to the Venezuelan authorities by US officials. The painting, Odalisque in Red Pants, was recovered in Miami Beach in an undercover operation two years ago. An American and a Mexican citizen were both arrested and convicted of theft. The painting, which used to be on display in a museum in Caracas, was […]


Can Salt Therapy Really Remove Negative Energies From Your Body?

The Science of Vibrations: We are fully dependent on our vibrations – we each emit a different vibration, and our energy is influencing us as well as the others around us. It is simply how we function. And the fact that we, as a society, nowadays, are unhappy, reflects the way that we pick up low vibrations and continue to emit them. We are not used to paying attention to […]

How to be happier in life: 6 Easy Tips to Follow

How to be happier in life easy question right ? Not always, I visited an old friend of mine the other day. Their home is perfect, beautiful cars, two kids the perfect age apart; everything as it would appear is perfect. At work his career is going well. He is on track to become an executive at his company, which he has been at the perfect length of time, yet […]

Top 8 Supplements to Boost Your Pineal Gland Function

The pineal gland, an endocrine gland located in the brain, is said to be the seat of the soul. Also referred to as the Third Eye, this small gland is believed to be involved in reaching higher levels of consciousness, acting as a gateway to dimensions beyond our brain-created reality. To learn more about the pineal gland, see: What is the Pineal Gland? For the people that seek to fully […]

Little Known Chinese Herb & Iron Kill 98% Of Cancer Cells In 16 Hours

According to studies that were published in an issue of Life Sciences, artemesinin – a derivative of the wormwood plant used in Chinese Medicine – can kill 98% of breast cancer cells in less than 16 hours. The herb used alone caused a 28% reduction in breast cancer cells, but when paired with iron, sweet wormwood was able to eradicate cancer almost entirely. What’s more, normal cells were not negatively […]

Government Experiments Reveal Humans Are Capable Of Bending Physical Objects With Their Mind

If you told a random person that psychic phenomena like psychokinesis (or PK) has been proven in a number of laboratories all over the planet for a number of years, they would probably look at you like you’re crazy. Phenomena that fall within this category aren’t really emphasized within the realm of traditional education, it is however heavily studied by scientists working at the highest levels of government. One particular […]