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10 out of 10 for ingenuity at least: The incredible lengths Chinese students will go to cheat at high-pressure exams that will decide their whole lives

Chinese authorities have exposed some of the 007-style gadgets that students have been caught using to try and cheat their way through tough university entrance exams. Security staff in Jinlin, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces have revealed students are using sophisticated radio vests in order to receive help from someone outside the hall. Pupils take pictures of the tests using a button-hole camera hidden in a pen or watch, then use […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Greek Mythology

The stories of Greek mythology have formed the basis for how we think of our ancient forefathers. We’ve heard the stories of Theseus and the Minotaur and how Pandora opened a box and cursed humanity with the evils of the world. We know Aphrodite as the goddess of love and we know Pegasus is the winged horse. That’s just scraping the surface of Greek mythology, and oftentimes, it’s a much […]

Casanova Guinea Pig Impregnates 100 Females After Sneaking Into Their Cages

From a historical standpoint, rabbits have normally been the animals of choice when it comes to similes concerning reproductive prowess, but a particular guinea pig is making a strong case for his species after pulling quite the stunt on a farm in England. According to ITV, a guinea pig at a local attraction called Hatton Country World escaped his enclosure and managed to sneak into another habitat containing solely members […]

A superstar will be born: Diego Maradona

Writing exclusively for TOI, former Argentina captain and football legend Diego Maradona picks the players who can set the grass on fire in this World Cup in Brazil.  Football is a team game but there are individuals who often make the necessary difference on field with their exceptional skills.  A manager has to ensure an environment where the team’s goals are never sacrificed. At the same time, he must ensure […]

Indian media: Dam disaster kills students in Himalayas

Media in India say that more than 20 students are feared dead in Himachal Pradesh state due to the “appalling negligence” of authorities at a hydropower dam. A group of 24 students was on a holiday in the Himalayan state when they were swept away by a sudden surge of water released from the upstream dam. The students, who were on a college trip, had reportedly left a bus to […]

‘I never thought I’d be that old’: World’s oldest man dies at 111, credits longevity to no children

Alexander Imich, a Polish-born psychic researcher who was certified the oldest man on earth, has at a senior residence in Manhattan. He had turned 111 on Feb. 4. His death was reported by a grandniece, Karen Bogen, in Rhode Island, and a longtime friend in New York, Michael Mannion, who had visited him Saturday night at the Esplanade, the senior home at West End Avenue and 74th Street where Mr. […]

Forget 'practice makes perfect' - meditation is the key to success, study claims

•They have shown that people who rise to the top have ‘highly-integrated’ brains finely-tuned for creativity•Advice contradicts widely-held belief that practice eventually makes perfect•Some experts have even put a number on it, saying that 10,000 hours of hard graft make the difference between being good enough and world class Practice doesn’t make perfect – but meditation might. Researchers say that however hard some people try, they won’t excel at their […]

7 Things You Realize You’ve Taken For Granted When You Come Home After Traveling

Going abroad is a magical experience. Whether it’s for two weeks or five years, the time you spend away from home is important and will not only change you, but everything you once thought, knew and believed. You can’t live in another world without starting to reevaluate your own. Those who have never traveled, never stepped outside their own town, city or country have yet to develop the keen awareness […]

796 Irish orphans buried in mass grave near Catholic orphanage: historian

The Catholic Church in Ireland is facing fresh accusations of child neglect after a researcher found records for 796 young children believed to be buried in a mass grave beside a former orphanage for the children of unwed mothers. The researcher, Catherine Corless, says her discovery of child death records at the Catholic nun-run home in Tuam, County Galway, suggests that a former septic tank filled with bones is the […]