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Bargain Fantastische Instrumentals Nur durch Dr. Dre Down under , wenn bis 14 Tage im Vergleich

Es gibt eine Reihe wunderbare Dinge, dieBose OE2 Audio Kopfhörer Sie über die sind gegen Unterbau Moment für die kleinen Kinder und zusätzlich nur für Familien tun können. Mehr einige schnelle Abnehmen Ideen und zusätzlich TacticsFor eine große Menge an großen Perspektiven , können sie eine kurze Taktik, um 6 oder weitere unerwünschte Gewicht für viel weniger Schnäppchen Fantastische Instrumentals Trockner Nur durch Dr. Dre Down under , wenn im […]


Hakimullah Mehsud killed by drone, Pakistan Taliban say

The leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Hakimullah Mehsud, has been killed in a drone strike, a high-ranking Taliban official has told the BBC. The strike targeted a vehicle used by Mehsud with four missiles in the north-western region of North Waziristan. Four other people were killed in the strike, including two of Mehsud’s bodyguards, intelligence sources say. Several previous claims of his death, made by US and Pakistani intelligence sources, […]


Terrorist attacks and deaths hit record high, report shows

As terrorism increasingly becomes a tactic of warfare, the number of attacks and fatalities soared to a record high in 2012, according to a new report obtained exclusively by CNN. More than 8,500 terrorist attacks killed nearly 15,500 people last year as violence tore through Africa, Asia and the Middle East, according to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. That’s a 69% rise in […]

Orangutan tied up and taunted by cruel mob which made her climb up a pole is rescued by a British charity

Alone with no water, orangutan was surrounded by jeering humans Rescued by International Animal Rescue after villager became concerned Taunted and tormented, a female orangutan is cruelly mocked by villagers who have captured her and turned her into an afternoon’s entertainment. Alone with no water or food, she is surrounded by a circle of jeering humans. When she tries to break free, to run back to the jungle in western […]

Pakistan earthquake: Hundreds dead in Balochistan

A powerful earthquake has killed at least 208 people in Pakistan’s remote south-west province of Balochistan. The 7.7-magnitude quake struck on Tuesday afternoon at a depth of 20km (13 miles) north-east of Awaran, the US Geological Survey said. Many houses were flattened and thousands of people have spent the night in the open. After the quake, a small island appeared off the coast near the port of Gwadar, witnesses reported. […]


JPMorgan fined $920 million in 'London Whale' trading loss

JPMorgan Chase agreed Thursday to pay about $920 million in fines to U.S. and U.K. regulators to settle charges related to the “London Whale” trading debacle. With the penalty, the bank is acknowledging that it violated banking rules by not properly overseeing its trading operations. In legal language, regulators said that the bank engaged in “unsafe and unsound practices.” As a result of those inadequate risk controls, a team of […]

Many missing in Russia hospital fire

More than 30 people are missing after a fire swept through a psychiatric hospital housing some 60 patients in north-western Russia, officials say. The blaze occurred in the village of Luka, in Novgorod region. There are unconfirmed reports of deaths. The fire broke out just before 03:00 local time (23:00 GMT Thursday). It may have been started by one of the patients, reports say. Officials had previously tried to close […]

What are the odds of a U.S. strike against Syria? 15 key questions answered

When President Barack Obama said this weekend that bombing Syrian targets is the right thing to do, and then asked Congress to approve it, the international crisis took a turn toward a fierce domestic battle. There are so many moving parts to this complicated story that it can become quite difficult to keep up. Let this Q&A bring you up to speed on the dizzying developments. Is the U.S. going […]

Reports: Teen Daniel Perry commits suicide over Skype blackmail scam

Reports that a Scottish teenager took his own life after becoming the victim of an alleged Internet blackmail scam have heightened concerns in Britain over online abuse. Daniel Perry, from Dunfermline, was reportedly the victim of blackmailers who recorded his interactions via Skype with a person he believed was an American girl his own age. They then threatened to show his family the footage unless he paid up, UK media […]

'Take Your Portion': A Victim Speaks Out About Rape in Syria

Alma Abdulrahman is lying gaunt and unable to move anything below her diaphragm in a hospital bed in Amman. Some bedsores have become so deep she’s having surgery tomorrow. Screws hold together her upper vertebrae, and cigarette burns pock her right shoulder. Her voice fades in and out, hoarse from either weakness or morphine. Six months earlier, she was paralyzed when a regime soldier struck her in the neck with […]