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Stop inner contradiction and conflict

No man is fully accomplished until he has acquired the ability to attend to his life in the deepest sense. Most of the time, our attention is on external accomplishments, such as name, fame and position, is it not?Are we attentive to our hurts, anxieties, inner contradictions and jealousies, which erode the quality of life? They are viruses destroying us. We need to attend to this disorder. This is part […]

Attitude is at the centre of force-field of attraction

Attitude is the energy with which we greet each circumstance. It determines how we will react to the events in our lives and as a result, what we will attract in the future.Attitude is more a feeling than a thought, but it is affected by the thoughts we think. Obviously if we choose to focus on thoughts which support a natural confidence and help us take greater responsibility for our […]

Bihar man says vote for PM Narendra Modi as wedding gift for daughter. Invite goes viral

A man from Bihar’s Siwan district has asked guests attending his daughter’s wedding to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019. The man urged guests to vote for Narendra Modi in the upcoming elections n his daughter’s wedding invite. Ashok Singh, who seems to be a staunch supporter of the prime minister, asked guests to avoid bringing any presents and vote for PM Modi […]

For first time ever, Govt to come out with Rs 20 coins. All you need to know

For the first time ever, the government will come out Rs 20 coins which will be shaped like a 12-edged polygon with design of grains to denote farm dominance in the country. Besides, new series of one, two, five and ten rupees coins too would be minted, which will be circular in design and have denominations written in Hindi script. The exact date of issuance of these new series coins […]

Mahashivarathri Vrat: Customs and Traditions of Shivarathri Fast

Mahashivarathi Vrat according to Hindu mythology, observance of vrat with discipline helps a devotee to control the great natural forces that afflict a man, rajas guna ( the quality of passionate activity) and tamas guna ( the quality of inertia). When a devotee spends an entire day in the feet of Lord and worships with sincerity, his motion is controlled and evils like lust, anger and jealousy, born of Rajas […]

Balance your prayers and work

A beautiful German proverb says, “Pray as though no work would help, and work as if no prayer would help.” This saying is referring to two different types of people. One group prays for help from God, but in a half-hearted manner. Another group feels that when things go wrong or they want something, they should merely pray to God and do nothing else. This proverb is trying to bring […]

Love is your godliness

During my whole life, I always thought that I loved somebody. Now, being here for the first time with you, I ask myself: have I ever really been in love? Am I even able to love? Am I able to love you? Or has life brought me to a point where happiness in love does not happen anymore? The basic fallacy that you are carrying within you is that you […]

Mental garbage: Sift carefully, choose well

The mind is an accumulation. It is society’s garbage bin. Anybody who passes by, stuffs something into your head. Let’s say you don’t like this person; can you stop taking things from him? You receive much more from people whom you don’t like than from people whom you like, isn’t it? You have no choice about what enters — everything that you’re exposed to in the world will enter you. […]

Mid-life crisis: It’s not a one-time deal

You see a balding man in a red and what’s your first thought? Mid-life crisis, right?We’ve come to expect some sort of crunch-time in our mid-forties when we panic at the state of our lives and feel the need for change. This crisis might be accompanied by an abrupt job switch, relationship upheaval or a sudden urge to take up skydiving. While most of us are familiar with this concept, […]

Towards inner peace and outer dynamism

Some years ago, I went to Iraq to take stock of our relief and rehabilitation work there. We were asked to stay in the Green Zone, the safe zone. There were 12 vehicles and two tankers provided for our security. They said the Red Zone was quite risky and there had been bomb blasts a few days back. But I insisted on going there. They were worried but since I […]