Cattle Slaughter back: Government rolls back the decision

Cattle Slaughter back Government rolls back the decision

Cattle Slaughter back: Government rolls back the decision

The Narendra Modi led BJP Government has finally decided to alter their decision of prohibiting the sale of cow and buffalo slaughter. The controversial decision taken by the Government came on the 25th of May this yes, which prohibited the sale and purchase of cows and buffaloes for slaughtering purposes. The decision was applicable on all the states and markets, across the country.

The decision for the rollback of such a controversial decision was taken after feedbacks from different states were taken. The notification in May was issued by the Union Environment Ministry, saying that nobody should be bringing the cattle to the markets unless there is a written declaration that it is not for selling purposes.
The notification was received with a huge outcry all across the nation, while the critics of the BJP Government accused them of misusing their powers to impose their beliefs and ideologies on the country. West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee was also among the politicians who slammed the Central Government for such a decision. She added that this notification was of an non-democratic nature, as well as it was unconstitutional.

The country saw not just outcries but also protests against the notification. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala severely opposed the notification back then. However, the BJP Government pushed all the criticism back by saying that they were not trying to impose their will, and neither were they attempting to influence their consumption habits.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Environment Minister said that the Government was open to rescind the controversial notification, in June. He said that the cattle slaughter was not an issue of prestige for the Government and that the Government should review their decision after several feedbacks were received from the people in different states.
Even while the feedback were still coming in, and the Government was busy tackling the issue, the issue was taken up to the judiciary. Things took a drastic turn when Madras HC decided to stay the implementation of the Notification, while Kerala Courts refused to intervene.

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