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Check out: Action-packed trailer of Saif-Katrina starrer ‘Phantom’

The trailer of director Kabir Khan’s political thriller “Phantom”, featuring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in a combative avatar, has been unveiled.

The 2 minutes and 41 seconds video begins with the visuals of the dreaded 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks of 2008, which shook the nation for 60 hours and claimed several lives.

The film is about the post-26/11 attacks in Mumbai and global terrorism. The screenplay of “Phantom” has been written in co-ordination with author Hussain Zaidi, and is an adaptation of his book “Mumbai Avengers”.

The trailer ends with the line, “India insaaf chahti hain. Unke ghar mein ghuske marenge (India wants justice. Will break into their home and kill them).”

The first poster, which was recently released, had both Saif and Katrina blindfolded in the tricolour, while they look grim, sporting bruises and bloodied lips.

In the backdrop is Mumbai’s famous Taj Mahal hotel, up in flames. The poster is headlined “A story you wish were true”.

The trailer comes just a week after “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, which was also a cross-border drama propagating friendly relations between India and Pakistan.

The movie releases on August 28.

Watch the trailer:

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