China: how hot would you have to be to get into this swimming pool?



China’s heatwave is no joke.

It is making some people get into this pool:


NewsPoint featured the above video of “China’s Dead Sea” in Sichuan province, ostensibly so-called because it is a saltwater pool and not because it is so jampacked as to promote the end of life.

But the heatwave is serious (triple-digit temperatures for more than a week) and has been blamed for more than 10 deaths in Shanghai alone, according to state-run media outlet Xinhua.

Officials says this is Shanghai’s hottest July in 140 years, and have issued a heat advisory in nine provinces across south and central China, including Shanghai, Chongqing and Hunan.

In addition to breaking 104 degrees Farenheit in more than 40 cities in eastern China this month, the hot temperatures have reportedly turned surfaces into griddles capable of cooking raw food.

Chinese TV judged a slice of pork “medium well” after it sat on the pavement in downtown Shanghai for about 10 minutes, according to NewsPoint (subscription required).

And a man in Hangzhou, known as Wang Yu Jing, reported burn injuries on the soles of his feet after simply walking outside barefoot yesterday.

He posted this gross photo on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter:

According to Quartz, there is no immediate end to the misery. Temperatures are set to continue rising over the next few days, with projections reaching almost 106 degrees along the eastern seaboard and in Xinjiang.

So, how are folks staying cool?

Many are ordering in. Those who venture out, tend to pass out:

Photos above taken at a Shanghai subway station

Shanghai furniture store.


Others are being proactive, if desperate, and flinging themselves into claustrophobic swimming pools. Online commentators have come up with an endearing term for those brave enough to grab a floatee: “boiling dumplings.”



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