Chinese businessmen paid $300,000 to students to find virgins for officials


BEIJING: A group of Chinese businessmen allegedly gave $300,000 to school students in Shaanxi province to procure virgin girls, whom the men then offered to officials as ‘gifts’. Several schoolgirls were molested and tortured, local officials said.


In a curious pyramid scheme, girl students of 11th grade were asked to lure and torture virgin girls of 10th grade to force them to have sex with officials. Six of the senior girls have been arrested, while another has been let off because she is less than 16 years old.


Seven older girls thrashed five juniors, and took their nude photos for the purpose of blackmailing. The eardrums of two junior girls burst during the beating. Local television showed pictures of the wounds, including those inflicted by a knife, suffered by the juniors. The victims’ parents said five students in the 10th grade were beaten because they refused to have sex with officials, the ‘Legal Weekly’ said.


One senior girl student received $193,000, while another got $128,000 from the businessmen. The businessmen insisted they needed more virgin students to be presented to officials in exchange for favours.


The identity of the officials and businessmen in Shaanxi’s Wuqi county has not been disclosed.


A village official has been detained for his involvement in the crime. The local government has given administrative punishment and warnings to officials in the school and the education department, according to reports reaching here.

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