CLAMOR WORLD EXCLUSIVE:Celebrating The Melting Pot Of Cultures


Food is one of the greatest reflection of cultures and legacy the world over and nowhere does this saying stand as true as you see in India. The School of Flavours, Canada strives to highlight exactly this unique amalgam of culinary cultures across India in its event, Taste Of India.

The School Of Flavours is one of those institutions across Canada that is working tirelessly to connect cultures through food. They are promoting the food traditions and heritage of various communities. The inclusive coverage is aimed to  to empower social and economic development of Canadians and people across the globe.

Through this festival they target to bring India’s rich culture and heritage on the streets of Canada and create a platform to promote adequate socio- economic growth between the two nations and enable Canadians to take advantage of these opportunities for well rounded business growth.

Run by a team of visionary and committed individuals, the School of Flavours through the Taste of India festival aims to create an impressionable array of their initiatives towards furthering India’s culinary legacy. ‘

Scheduled to be held conveniently on Sunday, August 5 at Toronto’s Nathan Phillip Square, it is undeniably one of the largest and one of its kind food gatherings. As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, there cannot be a more befitting channel to take the beautiful bond that it shares with India forward. Over 10,000 food lovers from across the world are expected  to gather in downtown Toronto for the event and celebrate this stupendous and compelling food fiesta.

So if you are in Toronto today, head straight to downtown Nathan Phillip Square to drown yourself into a delightful journey of flavours and cultures.

Article by: Sumana Sarkar

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