ClamorWorld becomes the first citizen news portal to take initiative on citizen involvement for ending terrorism and social crime.


Terrorism has become a global concern and with the growing threat it becomes important for citizens involvement.

No terror activity is possible with ground level support. Hence, it’s important to foil such activities at the initial stage itself.

Many times it happens that we happen to ignore small warning signs which later could lead to mass destruction.

On the eve of 67th Indian republic day, ClamorWorld takes the first initiative to reward and encourage people who give confirmed information on terrorism/theft/corruption/harassment cases and real life heroes. This information will be sent forward to respective authorities/agencies.

A step towards making this earths a peaceful place to live.

ClamorWorld Republic Day Initiative:

1. Any terror/terrorist related confirmed information: 11,000 INR
2. Brave Heroes: 5,000 INR
3. Corruption/Harassment related information: 2,000 INR

ClamorWorld Team Wishes everyone a very happy Republic Day !!

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