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Clamorworld Exclusive: 2 Years Of Modi Government, Common Man Takes Centrestage


Whether you are a Modi bhakt or Modi hater, it goes without saying that it is hard to ignore the two years of Modi Government. I will not go into the nitty gritty of complicated survey and sentiment of investors. But as a common citizen of this country I would say that these two years have highlighted many facets of my country that I never thought was possible.

I get my LPG cylinders in under seven days without bribing my delivery guy, I have given up my LPG subsidy yet I get my cylinders on time. I post my complaint to Indian Railways Twitter handle and the Minister actually takes time out to respond. Finally it is not wrong to expect a cleaner greener India, finally someone is talking tough to the perpetrators of terrorism on the other side of the border. India for a change is no longer a mute spectator of global affairs but has found its voice. On key issues like Climate Change, finally our voice is being heard on the global platform! Brand India has been taken forward like never before and most importantly the average citizen of India is finally worth more than a mere vote bank.

Yes we can argue that Modi Govt fell short of expectation but the yardstick for it seems to be badly balanced. What the UPA failed to achieve in ten years, I don’t think it is rational to expect Modi establishing in two years. But at least we now have a Prime Minister who works 14-15 hours a day, does not take a day’s  off, takes tireless initiatives to further India’s cause and is taking constructive steps to weed out the rot of corruption right at the root.

For the first time perhaps the common man’s cause has found voice. No wonder they have also responded with enthusiasm. Just on his single call, 1.13 Crore Indians have voluntarily given up their LPG subsidies and the Government is saving a whopping 21,000 crores annually. The transparent coal auction led to savings close to Rs 10,00,000 crores and coal production too at its highest. The Jan Dhan Yojana is perhaps one of the Government’s biggest successes. In last 2 years close to 22 crore new bank accounts have been opened and over Rs 37,000 crore deposited freeing them from the vicious cycle of moneylenders. Close to 8000 villages have been lighted up and cleanliness has become a reality in public places across roads, railways and public transport is much improved.

Not just that. The Modi Government’s initiatives has resulted in recovering over Rs 1,00,000 crore in black money. The 10,45,00,000 LED Bulbs distributed under the LED scheme led to savings over 5000 crore rupees and electricity savings of nearly 14,000 MWh annually. The country’s finance situation is in a much better shape and while the macro sentiment indicators might be slow to respond, there is a slow and steady swing towards positive zone in almost every aspect.

In a country battered by a new scam every fortnight, the past two years surprisingly had very little to write home about. That my dear readers is surely a big deal!

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