ClamorWorld Exclusive: Asxem Dlean Discusses His New Album,”3 track Concept”


Sunil Mantri:  What inspired you to come up with this album? 

Asxem Dlean: More than an album or ep, I would categorize it as a concept. Each related but in its own symphony. I was inspired to create and respect separate genre’s rather sticking to one or mixing it all up.


SM:  How has this Concept influenced your professional outlook? 

AD: I’ve always believed in The 3 steps to achieving. Hence, a 3 track, 3 step inspired concept.


SM: Can you tell me a little about, how your journey as an artist you are today, changed you ? 

AD: I was lucky to have had a good start, fortunate to play and work with some of the best artists in the industry allowing me to explore my creativity and work ethic.


SM:  Do the genres in this album have anything to do with your personal preference as a music fanatic ?  

AD: Definitely, the 1st track Emotion was me venturing the electronic space, the goal being to create an ambient, a timeless yet a catchy tune.

Re-Define was written subconsciously. lol . Tired, I lay in my room and started playing around some chord voicings. The main riff shaped exposed in the track as well, woke me up. Later, I structured it down. Keeping in mind the circumstance I wrote it in. The lyrics came along way after 20 attempts. Now, I cherish these lyrics closest to my heart. 

The 3rd, Serenity is where I started playing on the acoustic guitar. It took me back to the days of learning from friends and doing a little self- Teaching too. Emotion had me so anxious I almost took a little breather to Pune with a bunch of friends. I realized I needed to push further keeping in mind it being completely organic I decide to call in my friend and baby brother Jeremy to track drums, got lyrics written down from my brother from another mother Chaitanya. Which then went thru 3 different vocalists till I found the perfect voice that suited the track.



SM:  How personal is the track Emotion to you ? How ? 

AD: Emotion was where the journey as a solo artist began, it was meant to be a track for a friends video that ended up as my music video. 


SM:  Are you expecting the listeners to understand the underline of what you are saying ? Or as an artist what your intention for them to experience their own emotional experience ?

AD: To each, there own. Personal experiences influence perception, therefor, I cannot expect everyone to understand it just from my point of view, I’d love to get videos done for the other 2 tracks too                                                                                             


SM: How did the track Redefine , redefine you ? 

AD: This track had taken close to 6 months to finalize. Probably the longest time I have invested on a track. I just never gave up, I couldn’t give up .lol. Gave it my all to make it the best I could.


SM:  As an artist, how have you influenced your 3 step rule with your professional journey ? 

AD: Every venture I set out, in mind of The 3 steps to follow, it makes it  easier to break it down than lead to chaos or confusion, similarly there are 3 steps in sound  i.e recording,mixing and mastering. When you have a good recording with all your gear well maintained and tuning’ s in sync ,healthy signals with no peak, it makes its easier to then set a tone of your choice once your happy. With that you proceed to the mix stage, basic adjustments in levels and placement of sounds. Its important to visualize, and then to finally rounding its sound and placing the cherry on the cake the master piece wa-lah!

Serenity 4



SM: Have you reached serenity ? How would you define it with your life today ? 

AD: Serenity has been reached knowing what path, the choices and sacrifices  and about never giving up on something you believe in, pushing boundaries. This gradual self motivation has helped me evolve into the musician I am today.


SM:  Which one of these tracks you cherish close to you ? 

AD: Re-Define is like an anthem to me, my precious slurp !  Listen to it, you’ll know what i’m talking bout 😉


SM: Tell me A little about your evolution as an artist since your last interview . 

AD: I started off as a listener going thru various phases of different genres starting from pop,hip-hop,house to rock learning the guitar thru friends to graduating into a musician playing with various bands pushing it a notch higher to studying audio and working as an artist in a professional studio.I feel there has been a difference in my approach towards composing, having everything organized and meeting deadlines.


SM: What’s your favorite thing to do when your not creating music ? 

AD:  Love to swim, I would like to consider myself a Water Dragon.


SM: How has your music effected your friend and family, Visa Versa ? 

AD: Everyone has been supportive and protective about every step i’ve taken along the way.

Initially my parents were not convinced but as they attended my shows and saw the growth not just as a musician but as an  artist, they began to have faith and decided to lay down conditions such to first Graduate, which by the way happened,  phew! 

My friends helped the best they could. I am truly as lucky as it gets. Super grateful !


SM: How would you related your last album to this ? 

AD: So far, I worked as part of a team, but after this concept I do intend on working towards an album


SM: As an artist where do you see yourself in the next few years ? 

AD: I see myself doing a lot of fun projects 😉

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