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Benefits Of Yoga In Our Daily Life

It is international yoga day and wherever in the world you might be I am sure you have given at least a minute’s thought to yoga even if you did not go into a full fledged yoga practice. So why is yoga such a big deal or why has its popularity transcended borders, religions and lifestyles. Perhaps the answer lies in the word yoga.

‘Yoga’ means a union of the mind and the heart, it is a practice that helps you to not just attain peace with your own self but also gain inner happiness and strength. It is not just about losing a few pounds or attaining the near perfect figure. Here is a look at some of the primary benefits of yoga if done on a regular basis.

Strong Immune & Digestive System

Yogasanas or the yogic postures help you strengthen the overall cardiovascular system and lymphocytes along with the entire stomach and intestine region. What all of this does is ensure that the essential body functions continue unhindered in an effective and positive manner. Thus when your blood circulation is healthy, immune systems working fine and a proper digestive system is enabling providing the required fuel to all body parts, you will automatically start feeling better and living healthier.


Relieves Stress

Another huge benefit of yoga is the role it plays in relieving stress. What essentially happens is an improved cardio-vascular system facilitates timely and adequate supply of oxygen to the brain and other body parts. As a result you don’t just feel healthier but happier and far more relaxed. The various yogic postures, pranayam or breathing technique and meditation helps individuals relieve stress and achieve inner happiness.

Higher Energy Levels

It is like an instant energy drink or a energy booster pill. If practiced correctly and over a period of time, yoga helps individuals gain a far higher amount of energy by effective functioning of all body systems and thereby helping you tackle exhaustion better.


So next time you think of yoga, don’t just think about weightloss, flexibility and being in shape. Yoga is all of that and lot more. It helps you achieve inner wellness, gives you the strength to believe in yourself and be a better achiever.

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