Clamorworld Exclusive – Brand Salman: No Signs Of Worry Yet!



There is one fundamental question that has doing the rounds since the Judge read out the verdict against actor Salman Khan, what will be the impact on Brand Salman? How will be the endorsements impacted and what happens to the films he had already signed? Trade experts say that despite the huge amount of money riding on one of Bollywood’s most bankable actor, there is no much panic in the industry.

Brand Salman: When Money Is Mightier Than Law


As news circles go abuzz with the bail granted to Salman Khan, many trade experts are right in observing that going by the way how previous instances have panned out, there are many ways to stay out of jail even with an unfavourable and tough verdict. With Salman choosing to exercise the option to appeal in high court and going by the time taken in delivering the verdict by the sessions court, it is anybody’s guess how long will this appeal keep him out of jail. My personal belief is anywhere between 10-15 years would be potential window for the Dabangg Actor.

The allegation has been why has the system gone out of its way in the way leniency has been shown to Salman Khan? Is it because he is a super star or because he has the wherewithal to afford one of the biggest legal minds in the country, the ex-solicitor general Harish Salve? Well I would say it is money that is speaking, the money that is riding on Brand Salman.  The fact that there were no signs of panic in the industry even when the verdict were announced proves that people who mater knew it is more of a sentence on paper than reality and there is reason for it.  


The money at stake is a whopping 300 crore and more. It  is estimated that over 200 crores is riding on Bhai in terms of future projects that include Bajrangi Bhaijan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. If planned sequels to No Entry and Kick are considered as well, this amount could be close to an additional 100 crores or more.

Apart from these films, his Being Human brand is a money spinner too and its value is estimated to be close to 170 crores. His brand endorsements too are in the limelight post the verdict. With over 45 crore rupees riding on these, the popular notion is that the endorsements with foreign Multi-national companies is what will bear the maximum brunt. Given the verdict and despite his popularity they might not be too comfortable associating with a convict.

All said and done the fact remains that money and a good set of lawyers have emerged the winner in this case and fear remains if this will be a precedent in the way future cases of this stature are dealt with.


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