Clamorworld Exclusive: Chitra Ramakrishna Bags The Top Job In NSE



It is a landmark event in many ways. For the first time in India’s financial history, you have the woman at the helm of all affairs in the country’s most actively traded stock exchange. For the first time perhaps you have someone who has never invested in stocks as the chief of stock exchange. Paradoxical as it might sound, she not only heads it now but was also part of the core team that conceptualised and formulated the National Stock Exchange in 1992. Yes we are talking of the NSE Chief, Chitra Ramakrishna.

For the uninitiated she is not only the Chief Executive Officer of the NSE but also was an important member of the team that formulated the exchange way back in 1992. At a time when the close to 150 –year old Indian stock markets were reeling under the trauma of the Harshad Mehta scam, she was part of the team that was essentially handpicked to create a fully automated trading system that could address all the problems that the BSE or the Bombay Stock Exchange faced and protect Indian capital markets from long-term damage.


Strong leadership ability, deep understanding of the working of the stock market, active participant in the country’s stock market regulation and drafting procedures, she has risen through the ranks on the basis of her sheer hard work, high competence levels and deep commitment to the cause of better financial market trading conditions in India.

She is among the only three women across the world, apart from China’s Shenzen Stock Exchange chief and Srilanka’s Colombo Stock Exchange head to manage a bourse at the very top. Speaking to the media, she insists that she emphasises the need to constantly rediscover one’s effort and efficiencies. In her words, “There is a huge level of energy and can-do attitude that is in a start-up culture, which we shouldn’t lose.”

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