Clamorworld Exclusive: Immediate Need For United Global Approach To Tackle Terrorism


I am sure by now all of you must have read the transcript of Sushma Swaraj’s speech at the UN and even posted your comments on the huge big social network.  I feel the most important element that she highlighted was, “We will not be able to win against terrorism by making specious distinctions between your problems and mine, between terrorists who attack you and those who attack me. For we do not know who this Frankenstein’s monster will devour next.” By subtly linking the heinous terror attacks in Kashmir on the same platform as the attacks in Paris, Brussels or even New York she has managed to highlight the simple fact that terrorism today is a global scourge and India-Pakistan issues separately can no longer give the right perspective.

A simple approach of creating economic sanctions against nations that are supporting terrorism seem to just escape the global conscience despite repeated attacks from Pakistan. Pakistan is happily channelizing the funding it receives from US to fund its terror machines. How come nations like US and China remain mute spectators despite the plethora attacks from in Kashmir. In the absence of global unity, India’s efforts in this direction has been rather ineffective. Kind of always reminds me of the aftermath of the fateful 9/11 attacks. It was only when the US hub was seiged by the terrorists that US rose to tackle the Taliban. Was the suffering from the million Indians till that day of no consequence? Are we to believe that the grief of a developed nation more significant than poor developing nations.

Economic sanctions in countries like South Africa to deal with apartheid or in Iraq to handle the scare mongering have been extremely effective. The question is will the global forum assist and support India if it were to take up economic sanctions against its neighbour? Would global majors initiate sanctions against all those countries abetting the ISIS growth? Instead of giving refuge to the millions driven homeless by the ISIS attacks, why isn’t any country or the global forum taking stern action against the ISIS? Are we to believe the unified military might of world nations ineffective in front of the proxy war strategies of a bunch of bigots?

Perhaps its best described in Swaraj’s words when she says, “Problem is, there still remain irreconcilable differences between global powers. The distinction between “good and bad terrorism” continues.” The time is ripe to change strategy right now and expediently too to battle this global evil.

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