Clamorworld Exclusive – Is Legal Metrology Department ignoring Consumer complaints of overcharging by wine shops?



Alochol shops especially MRP shops are suppose to sell alcohol at the printed price. But, these shops not only charge heavily but also decline to give bills.

Some of the recent incidents reported recently :

I.Santosh MRP Bar,Rajajinagar,Bangalore :

As reported by one of the customer who got White Mischief Vodka 180ml was charged 60rs more as compared to the MRP shop.
When enquired why 60rs was charged more on the MRP price, the manger on the counter said its our rates if you cant afford should not come here.

When a bill was asked to the same charges the Bar manager declined to give the bill and said you can go and complain to whom so ever you wish too.


II. ROYAL BEER,Mira Road, Mumbai :(Reported by Adv. Sunil Badsiwal Jain) :

1. On 24th May, 2015 the undersigned went to buy a can of Beer from the shop named ROYAL BEER situated on the Ground Floor of K.D. Villa Bldg., New Golden Nest Area Nr. Apple Hospital, Mira Road.

2. The undersigned was shocked to hear the shop keeper asking Rs. 85/- as the MRP on the can was just Rs. 70/-. The undersigned reluctantly paid the amount and asked for the bill towards the purchase however again the shop keeper denied to issue any bill for the cash amount paid that too over and above the MRP in excess of about 20% on MRP. On enquiry as to why the same was been sold at such a higher price than the MR; the shop keeper started hurling abuses and mishandled the undersigned stating “kya jhassosi karne aaya hai baaju ki dukaan se”.

3. As the undersigned could not stand such humiliating treatment, he went straight to the Navgarh Police station and narrated the whole ordeal to the Duty Officer Mr. Beldar who registered my complaint under Crime Register No. 493 / 2015 on 24th May, 2015 and booked the shop keeper u/s. 504 and 506 of IPC.

4. Thereafter on 25th May, 2015, the undersigned contacted the Legal Metrology Dept. of Maharashtra Helpline and got the number of Deputy Controller, Konkan Region under whose jurisdiction the subject area of MIRA ROAD falls.

5. The Official from Konkan Region of Legal Metrology Dept. issued me the number of Mr. rathod and requested me to contact him as the area falls under his control and he shall take cognizance of the complaints.

6. As instructed, the below signed contacted Mr. Rathod(Mobile No. 9xxxxxxxx7), who assured action against the offence of Overcharging; but requested me to call  him the next day on some personal grounds.

7. As suggested, I contacted him on the other day, but his phone constantly on unreachable. I tried calling him again but the officer failed to answer my calls and till date all my attempt to establish contact with him is in vain.

8. Today on 03rd June, 2015; fortunately he took my call only to inform me that he is busy with some assignments and he is unable to take cognizance on my complaint.

I therefore hereby request you to look into the matter and take appropriate action against your personnel Mr. Rathod whose mobile number is 9xxxxxxxx7 and direct him to initiate action in respect to my complaint dated 25th May, 2015 without any further delay in the matter.

Does these kind of incidents across India prove that there is a Nexus between wine shop/Bar owners and Legal Metrology Department which is going unnoticed?

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