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Clamorworld Exclusive: Need To Relook At India’s Pakistan Policy


The recent terrorist attacks in Uri and the continuous violence in the Valley has raised a big question mark at Narendra Modi’s Pakistan Policy? As ground realities continue to worsen and the safety of the people compromised at every point, there is a huge concern on the efficacy of the policy that Mr Modi and his team are pursuing.

Infact according to the most recent Pew Survey, over 50% of Indians support the need for strong and proactive defence policy to tackle the scourge of terrorism across the country. More than half of the respondents did not approve of the Prime Minister’s Pakistan policy and were worried that the ISIS could pose a major threat to the entire country.

This survey which was conducted soon after the Pathankot attacks, indicate that only a paltry 21% of the respondents felt relying on too much of defence forces might prove detrimental. Infact 68% of those surveyed felt India’s role in the global arena has gained a lot more importance that what it was ten years ago and necessary tweaking of policy to according to the modern realities is absolutely important.

What’s particularly pertinent is the fact that over 50%, nearly 54% BJP supporters do not approve of Modi’s policy. Six in every ten Indians who participated in this survey of nearly 2500 Indians across socials and economic cross sections feel the defence spending should increase significantly to handle the modern challenges.

The Uri attacks are perhaps a doubled edged policy to not just keep the fear of terrorism alive in the J&K valley but also to malign Modi’s standing in the international arena given the recent engagements and the dialogues he has initiated with most global heads.

The question is now how does Modiji look to tackle the situation going forward. Surely restraint is not the name of the game anymore and the time has perhaps ripe to force the terror mongers to cow down under military show of power since dialogue has failed to bring about the required changes.

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