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Leading South Asian entertainment and lifestyle media company, ANOKHI MEDIA has released its second group of special guest attendance for its 13th  Anniversary Awards-Fashion-Entertainment Show taking place on Thursday August 25th , 2016, at Toronto’s hottest new entertainment complex, 11 Polson Street, Toronto, overlooking the Toronto skyline and lake.

Raj Girn launched ANOKHI MEDIA in 2002 to create a one stop multimedia resource to communicate and engage with the South Asian community, from both eastern and western perspectives that people like herself could identify with.

“The mission was to create a platform for likeminded misfits and innovators to have a place
where they can belong and excel,” said Raj.

In 2007, the Annual Awards event was established to celebrate the regional, national and international success stories within the dynamic South Asian community. Past award winners who have been profiled include Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), Priyanka Chopra (Quantico) amongst others. This year’s event will honour film maker Deepa Mehta and chef and restauranteer Vikram Vij of Dragon Den’s fame.

Tushar Unadkat (TU)  in conversation with Raj Girn (RG), President and CEO of ANOKHI MEDIA


In Pic: Raj Girn

TU: There are so many successful South Asians in this World, how did ANOKHI narrow exactly those profiles that fit onto that coffee table book this year?  

RG: ANOKHI uses three categories – centred on different levels of success based upon which we select the profiles that get into the coffee table book. The first category is emerging talent. These are the most promising newcomers we can look forward to. They might not be that well known internationally but they are beginning to make a mark in their locality. 

The second is what we call – Of the Year. These are people who have had a banner year, have sort of popped up and the world at large is beginning to take notice. 

The Third are the Global Stalwarts. They belong to the excellent category, the veterans who’ve shown momentum and consistency with their work.

ANOKHI calls out for public nominations in one of these three categories, across one of the five pillars. The primary locations we look at are Canada, USA, UK and India. Literally we get thousands of nominations and our committee (a combination of internal and external advisors) base the top 30 on a series of specific criteria. It is a very scientific process which takes us about 8 months.


TU: According to theory all structures require four pillars for stability. ANOKHI features success stories of prominent South Asian personalities from the 5 pillars. Please share the thought process.

RG: First of all, we are not a traditional company. That’s the primary reason why we wouldn’t do four pillars. If you carefully analyze and observe the four pillars, you will notice that there is an entire amount of real estate that doesn’t have support. That’s where we put our fifth pillar – right in between. ANOKHI is not traditional and we don’t follow traditional norms. We showcase and celebrate a platform of people who generally don’t follow the traditional ways of living. The including signifies this – the fifth pillar in the traditional four.

Another aspect to consider is, because we don’t follow traditional norms, a lot more support is required for “people that don’t follow the traditional thought processes”.

If you carefully look at the 5 pillars, you will realize they are aspects to 360-degree approach to –

Business – expertise, being in the know

Media – ability to community

Entertainment – need to participate in the arts for the spiritual side to manifest

Glamour – physically, emotionally, mentally you need to feel the best you are

Crusader – the give back, people who understand that there is more to life than who they are, our collective energy being positive and aligned in the universe.

It is all these aspects together that we at ANOKHI believe create the best balance of a healthy human, especially if you don’t follow traditional norms.

Only 2500 copies of the book will be released. This keepsake, made of 100lb silk paper, features success stories of prominent South Asian personalities from the 5 pillars –  Business, Entertainment, Media, Glamour, Crusader. ANOKHI is the first glossy South Asian magazine that has integrated South Asian and mainstream success into its fold, providing an avenue for South Asians to be profiled.  


Full roster of the launch event will be resident here: http://anokhimedia.com/13thanniversaryevent.

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