Clamorworld Exclusive – The Road Ahead For IPL: What Next?


With two of the IPL teams, Chennai Super Kings and The Rajasthan Royals, suspended for two years, the obvious question is what would be the future of IPL tournaments? Would it be shut down or would the BCCI look at inducting new teams and how the return of the suspended teams after two years impact the overall revenue model of the IPL. As the BCCI and the IPL top brass sit around mulling on the potential issue and ways to deal with it, we bring forth a few options that the IPL could conside for the tournaments due from next year:

  1. Tournament Comprising Of Six teams: One of the most logical conclusions would be that instead of having 8 teams for the next two years, BCCI and IPL take a joint decision to hold matches between the 6 teams. However the only problem in this would be fewer teams would essentially translate into fewer matches and the BCCI needs to evaluate the revenue model and how commercially viable it could be for them.
  2. Induct Two New Teams: One way to solve this commercial problem is to induct two additional teams. Not only can it help resolve the financial issues for BCCI and IPL management but also kindle renewed interest amongst the IPL followers and they might be able to stir up renewed interest and positive publicity. However the BCCI need to account for the potential return of the suspended teams after the stipulated suspension term.
  3. Postpone The Tournament Till Suspension Gets Over: This perhaps can be considered as an extreme step and might adversely impact BCCI’s revenue flow and the overall interest and commercial viability of the tournament going forward. On the other hand BCCI members could use the two years in reformatting the teams, the rules governing them and look at creating a more transparent and self sustaining models.

All said and done, whatever the eventual BCCI decision is, it needs to be seen how can the recent Supreme Court judgement and its implication impact the overall fate of this cricket money spinner. 

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