Clamorworld Exclusive: UP Election Exit Polls Indicate A BJP Win


The much awaited results of 2017 is due in less than twenty four hours. As Uttar Pradesh braces up for counting day, most exit pools are indicating a clear landslide victory for the Bharatiya Janata Party in the state. Most election experts anticipate the return of Modi wave catching momentum on the national arena.

No doubt a 250-270 seats victory is likely to not only reinstate BJP’s position strongly in Uttar Pradesh Politics, it is also seen by many as a dress rehearsal to the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Additionally BJP’s victory at this would be a clear validation of the huge demonetisation gamble that the Modi Government undertook.

Notwithstanding the defeat that the BJP had faced in Bihar and Delhi, a potential victory in Uttar Pradesh will also be a validation of the BJP election startegy and the direct communal polarisation that is often undertaken in today’s poll gamble country wide. Are we then bracing up for saffronisation of the Government mechanism. Perhaps in someways that too is a possibility but the thumping presence fo the Modi factor is undeniable.

Assuming that BJP indeed claims the mamonth 270+, the question then is what would this imply for Congress and AAP? Though it might not be a Congress mukt Bharat, with Manipur and Punjab elections showing a positive bias, the defeat in UP will be a rather heavy weight for Congress to carry. It will speak volumes about Rahul’s Gandhi’s leadership and the future of Congress as well.

For the AAP too and Kejriwal specially, it will be pretty much end of the road. They will come to be known more as a party that enjoyed its moment of glory in Delhi and continued to remain as a one-state wonder with no future scope.

The question that faces us now is how would this potential win direct the political destiny of the country? Would a BJP majority in key states take forward the reforms process on a faster rate, would Narendra Modi stand a good chance of reclaiming ground in 2019 Lok Sabha election? Well, all eyes on counting tomorrow morning. Stay Tuned to Clamorworld for latest details.

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