Clamorworld Exclusive: Yet Another Attack On The Army In Manipur


Is Insurgency Rising In North East Again?

In yet another attack on the army, nearly 18personnel of the army’s 6 Dogra Regiment were killed in a militant attack in Manipur’s Chandel district. In what is being touted as one of the biggest attack on the army in the region since 1993, fears are high that the death toll could rise further as 11 soldiers have been seriously injured in this attack. In shocking revelations it has been learnt that insurgents managed to attack the convoy despite a patrol being tasked to clear the route for the convoy to pass through as they moved forward to a peaceful posting. An improvised explosive device was used for the attack along with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack and efforts are on to identify the potential assailants. As this event follows the ghastly attack on Assam Rifle personnel in recent past, one cannot help wondering if these are signals of insurgency reviving its ugly head once again in the North Eastern region of the country? The Prime Minister has called this attack very distressing and tweeted saying “I bow to each and every soldier who has sacrificed his life for the nation.” But some key questions continue to bother. How did the attackers manage to hoodwink the patrol team that cleared the route for the convoy? How deep are the linkages of the group that is undertaking these attacks? Automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenade do not come cheap and what is the source of finances of the group conducting these? Also in the broader perspective, the repeated attack on army could have a hugely demotivating impact on the average citizens who look up to the army for protection. Is this the rise of another phase of militancy in the region? The Govt needs to look into the matter urgently and address it on an emergency basis to reduce potential widespread impact.

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