CLAMORWORLD SPECIAL : Rape A Symbol Of Social Degeneration, Need To Stop Now!


Four rapes in 24 hours. Shocking, heinous, inhuman! Almost any adjective that you can use seems to fall short in describing the atrocities that have been committed. 10-year old girls, 14-year old teenagers! Do they really deserve to die the brutal death they have. Committing necrophilia soon after murdering a girl! Is it normal, is it anyway human? The question is what is wrong with men? The incidents in the 24 hours don’t just point to massive lawlessness. It signals something terribly wrong with our society and the social make-up. Just what type of perverts and frustrated souls are we living with?

I cannot imagine what kind of sexual pleasure a man can derive by inserting a wooden object and mutilating a 10-year old girl’s private parts? Are they really human? The fact that they are sick in the mind is given but it also points to the glaring loopholes of our social make-up. What’s a woman’s worth in our society today? The Government has created policies to bring a level playing field. Forget about whether they are working, the bigger question is how they are formulated.

The premise is often that the woman is the weaker one in the society. They are brought up with the whole concept that men can pretty much get away with anything. In fact even men are brought up with that concept. Since when have genitals become the foundation of establishing the supremacy of one gender over another? Plain and simple, I was filled with shame thinking I belong to the same species that these inhuman perverts.

Perhaps animals also show better courtesy to their fellow beings. Annihilating a young girl’s life in this type of a brutal attack is unpardonable Perhaps that’s why immediate and stringent laws is the need of the time. I remember the brouhaha soon after the Nirbhaya episode. The question is what came out of it? The juvenile member of the group of 4 is scot free today because we were not able to formulate laws that can punish the terrible at they committed.

You can continue to argue the role of the society in creating the right atmosphere but till that time the law and order has to instill fear within these monsters. The way the law punishes them should become the reason why others would shudder to commit anything as heinous. Imagine the legacy we are handing over to our children. Not just disrespect and lust but absolute perversion!

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