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Clamorworld Special: The Charm Of Sunday Breakfast


I am sure by the time most of you are reading this you are either having your breakfast or preparing for your breakfast! Afterall, there is always something special about the Sunday breakfast. It can’t be the run of the mill bread and butter nor can it be the simple chapati. It is generally elaborate, out of the ordinary and undeniably delectable.

Whatever corner of the world you might be, there is something special about the aroma of the Sunday special breakfast wafting through the house. All the preparations that go into making it, the planning and the final execution. Sometimes it could be the reason for an early morning family outing on Sunday as well.

Perhaps in many ways that establishes one of the oldest links between food and our very entity. Meals were never about simply satisfying our hunger. In many ways, they are the means to deepen our bonds most beautifully. Think about it, how the family comes together for Sunday breakfast?Whether you are making at home or going out for your meal, every member comes forward with their input.

What makes it even better is that the entire family is together on Sunday. Most professionals are on leave on this day and as a result, it becomes the perfect opportunity as well as the platform to spend meaningful and quality time with your family.

Here the meal becomes simply a medium to further your family ties. Planning for breakfast means every member comes forward with an opinion. The fact that even the smallest member’s point of view is taken into consideration shows how important every person is. The final execution and enjoyment of that meal in many ways highlight the entire concept that a family is a self-sufficient unit.

So in many ways the whiff of the breakfast wafting from the kitchen is reminiscent of the happiness in the family and the way every member chips in to make it possible. If our lives were a collection of small metaphors, the Sunday breakfast is decidedly my favourite.

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