Clapping for health: Five benefits that will surprise you


All of us have done this – clapping – be it celebrations, promotions, good grades and results. Yet, you may not be aware that clapping hands can be a blessing for your health.

While this seems to be a joke, clapping hands has many health benefits and it’s absolutely worth putting your hands together and clap. Clapping has been scientifically proven as an effective exercise in curing many diseases. Take a look at some astonishing reasons why clapping is much more than you think:

Clapping hands can help you get relief from heart disease and lung related problems like asthma.

Clapping is an effective remedy for people with digestive disorders.

Clapping boosts your immune system by strengthening the white blood cells in the body, thereby helping your body defenses against infections and illnesses.

Clapping hands everyday, say for half an hour, can be beneficial for people with certain conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, arthritis, headaches, insomnia and hair loss.

Clapping also helps improve children motor skills – neat handwriting, less spelling error, etc.

Clapping is a simple striking of hands and it’s fun. So clap your hands to enjoy the amazing health benefits that pressure therapy has to offer!

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