In conversation with Aquatiser founder Charlotte Rogers



Sunil Mantri:  Could you tell something about yourself.

Charlotte Rogers:  I’m young and ambitious with a dream of making Aquatiser into something everybody must have. I graduated university at just 21 years of age and the support and response I have had from starting up my own business has driven me to push myself harder each day. I have always been very dedicated and once I have my mind set on something I work until I’ve achieved it!


SM: How did the idea of Aquatiser come to your mind?

CR: Whilst I was at university, an assignment was given to me to create a business plan. The idea came about one night whilst I was lying in bed with an active mind. When I research my idea, I found a gap in the market and realized that my idea was completely new and innovative and it was something that the UK needed! I decided to design and create the product I had dreamed about. My teachers at my university told me that my product was not a viable business and it would not be a success. This motivated me to kick start the business off the ground. When I saw that Aquatiser was helping many people be healthier and make better life choices, this made me understand that this is what I want to do and this is my dream!


SM: Currently where is Aquatiser being sold?

CR: I am currently selling Aquatiser online through my website. I do have small retailers who also stock small amounts of the product e.g. – small gyms and beauty salons and I would love to expand this even further.


SM: How has been the response so far?

 CR: The feedback and response has been phenomenal. I get so many emails and messages each day on my social media and it amazes me that I have so much support.


SM:  In the YouTube advertisement of Aquatiser we can see the bottle is divided into three parts. We see fruits in the bottom and top portion. Could you please explain how it works?

CR: Aquatiser is so simple to use. It is detachable, and the idea is that you place your fruit in the bottom part, place the smaller juicer on to your fruit to extract the flavor followed by the second juicer which is used to juice the fruits. You can then optionally put fruit in the top container for stronger flavor. Put the bottle back together, fill it up with water and you are ready to go! Placing your fruit in the top container is optional; however, if you don’t like fruit bits then simply use the bottom container to separate the fruits.


SM:  How long should be fruits be left in bottle before we start consuming it.

CR: The beauty of the bottle is that the flavor is instant and can be consumed straight away provided you use the juicers. However, without the juicers, the fruit will only take up to 20 minutes for the flavor to rise through the bottle. For an even fresher taste, I recommend leaving the bottle in the fridge overnight before a day of work! Aquatiser also encourages you to consume your 5-a-day. When you have refilled your bottle several times, you can then eat the fruit after use, or even make it into a smoothie. Waste not want not!


SM: Any plans to launch Aquatiser globally.

CR: We already received a vast amount of sales internationally but we would love to get an official distributor in each country to expand sales even further. It would be amazing to touch into the United States, Europe and the Middle East as health and fitness market is huge in these regions.


SM: How did you finalize the design of the bottle? Did you get any expert professionals to get it designed?

CR: At the start, I already had an impression of what I wanted the bottle to look like. After speaking with a designer and exchanging ideas, we were able to create the flawless finishing design which you see today. We are very proud with how it came out.


SM: Your future goal?

CR: Our aim at Aquatiser is to have a wide range of products, to be recognized internationally and to expand the brand in order to ever-promote the consumption of water. I want to make everyone feel that they are not only consuming more water but also enjoying it!

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