Counterintuitive methods to break free from Negative Thoughts


Negative thinking is a pattern that is easy to make, however, quite difficult to break. Once you let these emotions take the brighter side of you, everything else seems to take a back seat and all that will exist for you is the negativity that consumes you whole.

Our mind is a sponge and it absorbs and acts on whatever we allow it to think – it also gradually multiplies. So, when you give into these negative feeling and thoughts it only multiplies leaving no room or space for you to breathe.

The problem with negative thinking is, it stays longer and becomes stronger overshadowing the positivity.

he problem with negative thinking is, it stays longer and becomes stronger overshadowing the positivity.

Here is a counterintuitive technique to deal with such emotions, it is unconventional but will help you work on yourself a great deal as it helped me along my journey –

Embrace your Negative Feelings

So how does the science of Negative thinking work? It forces you to believe that whatever you are setting at; your path that is, the result of it will be flawless and perfect and when it is not so in the end; you are left feeling miserable and the negativity overpowering; telling you – “Told you so”.

Well, you must take a note, you are not your failures and they are mere pointers for you to rectify.

You have come in this human form to err and to rectify those mistakes. As you shift your perspective about the failures, you take negativity head-on, embracing it and finally letting it go. Acknowledging the presence of negative thoughts is one way of having power over them. Owning them releases you from blaming other people for how you feel.

Challenge it

We have a knack for playing failed scenarios in our head, I still do it and I am trying to challenge it every day. I am not telling you that it is easy to let go, I am merely telling you to test your own potential. We are here to challenge ourselves and grow. Also, we have a habit of assuming, when we assume; we create a distorted reality in our head that leads to creating a hollow space in our head. Just stop doing it! As you begin to question than assuming — your life becomes so much easier, steering you away from all the negative thoughts. (Psst! I am still challenging it, as I write this point)

 Let go, Forgive, Heal yourself

Forgiveness is not easy and if you can forgive, gift it to your soul and forgive anyone you feel has wronged you, especially yourself for anything and everything. Realise you are a part of the cosmos and you have to stop being miserable for somebody else’s actions. Liberate yourself from the misery and past – heal and move ahead. Because, even the ones who hurt you or gave you pain, need the healing. The pain is also a part of their psyche, they need love, not your hatred.

Stop Playing it Small

Negative thinking makes you feel small and locks you inside a box. Your inner monologue tells you that whenever you get out of that box, other people will hurt you. Thus, you choose not to act or speak, however, it is not always true. Stop being afraid of non-existent situations and beliefs. If you do not speak up, you will internally end up killing yourself a bit more. Don’t create something for yourself in your head that you do not want.


Meditation is the key, seriously. When you become one with your breath and concentrate on how it goes in and how it goes out; you essentially rewire your thoughts and yourself. It brings your eternal peace and joy as it becomes your lifestyle.

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